Truebill vs. Trim: A Detailed Guide

Truebill vs. Trim: A Detailed Guide

Saving money is not easy. Especially in today’s world where everything happens online. Unwanted subscriptions, bills take bits by bits of your monthly income without you knowing anything about it. Daily expenses taking the life out of you? Check out our comparison of Truebill vs. Trim to find out the best finance management service.

No matter how much you keep track of your expenses, it just seems to go in vain at the end of the day. What if there was a financial assistant by your side. A service that can help you manage your money better. It seems like a dream but thankfully for us, it has come to a reality. 

Truebill and Trim are two amazing services that help you reduce your expenses at a staggering rate. Before we get to know about their features, let's look at what they are about. 

Truebill vs. Trim:  About Truebill

Truebill is an app that helps you cut down your extra expenses. It provides you the tools to safely reduce your monthly bills, credit card fees, and unnecessary subscriptions. The app even lets you negotiate with companies to minimize their bills. You will often find yourself stuck choosing between deals.

Truebill finds you the best deals and unbelievable packages so that you won’t have to pay a single extra cent. It monitors and tracks your spending patterns and realizes where they should emphasize. While the app is free, the premium version comes with a cost as it’s filled with additional features. 

Truebill vs. Trim: About Trim

Trim isn’t an app. It’s more like a chatbox that will help you spot your financial loopholes and cut down debts. It works in desktop browsers telling you every single thing you need to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Thousands of users have praised Trim and suggested it to be an excellent money management service. The security is top-notch and it’s user-friendly. On top of that, Trim offers versatile finance tools to figure out where things are going wrong for you. 

Truebill vs. Trim: Common Features

Truebill and Trim are quite similar in terms of their functions. Both these services aid users to make better financial decisions and helps them get better deals. Therefore, it’s evident that these two services have much in common. Let’s glance at some of the common features of Trim and Truebill to know more about them. 

Free To Use

Let’s start things with the simple stuff. Price is what attracts most people to try a service out. When the price is out of their hands, they quickly get rid of the idea of purchasing it. When it’s affordable, they buy it without giving it a second thought. And when it’s free, they instantly get hooked by it. Both Truebill and Trim are completely free to use. 

Most of their features like canceling subscriptions, tracking bills and expenses don’t require you to pay any money. But for your first 12 month’s savings, you need to pay. Truebill charges about 40 percent of your savings while Trim charges 33 percent. This service helps you monitor your finances efficiently and lets you connect with companies to negotiate deals. You can cancel the subscriptions at any time manually. 

Paid Service

Both these services have a much better version of themselves that require you to spend some money. You can’t expect to get all features without paying a single penny. Truebill’s premium service has a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 while the annual subscription is $35.99.

It lets you get your hands on services like premium chat service, unlimited budget making, and a handy smart savings plan. The most fascinating part of it is the autopilot program. You can turn it on and let the app do all the work. They will analyze your account and find the best ways to save money all by themselves. 

Trim also has paid service called the debt payoff program. It costs about $10 for a subscription. So, why should you do it? It gives you a financial coach that will guide you every step of the way. The coach will give you the best credit card rates and give valuable advice on how you can save money. It also helps you in creating a budget plan. 

Monitoring and canceling Subscriptions

This is probably the main reason why people choose Trim and Truebill. No matter how keen your eyes are, there will always be subscriptions you will forget to turn off. It’s not always your fault. Most apps and services guarantee you one-month subscriptions and they continue to take fees from you without notifying you. In cases like these, Truebill and Trim can be your lifesaver. 

You can view all your recurring transactions in a specific tab when you use Truebill. It shows your memberships, subscriptions, recurring bills all under one roof. It even gives you a clear idea of how much you can save if you cancel the subscriptions. So, how do you cancel subscriptions with Truebill? All you need to do is click on an item and hit cancel and voila. You won’t ever have to pay for that subscription anymore. 

Trim has a unique dashboard where you can see your pending bills and unwanted subscriptions. But unlike Truebill, it doesn’t give you a whole overview. Rather Trim provides you the data on monthly or annual subscriptions that go unnoticed.

You can’t cancel the subscriptions with the free version. To cancel it, you need the premium version which can be a turnoff for some people. Nevertheless, both these services are making people’s lives easy. 

Expense Tracking

As we are currently in the midst of a lockdown. Things have been rough. The financial state of everyone has downgraded drastically. In such tough situations, we need to save every penny possible. But it isn’t easy. Sometimes unnecessary expenses occur despite carefully tracking everything. This is where Truebill and Trim come in. Their expense tracking tool helps you monitor and track all your expenses without any hassle. 

Truebill categorizes all your bills and fees and aligns them in a particular order. If you feel like customizing it to your preference, there is an edit option. It lets you keep track of your bills and how much it’s increasing per month.

You can also set budget plans and monitor your credit card bills. There is also an option of email notifications which can be pretty handy at times. It alerts you through email about your monthly spending and tells you how you can improve your financial situation. 

Trim has a pretty similar feature to that. It gives a total snapshot of all your expenses. You can see your monthly transections and when they were made. The transactions and bills are categorized in a certain pattern but sadly you can’t recategorize them like Truebill.

Trim gives you information about your late fees, subscription fees, and balance updates. You can even set reminders to help you remind about certain bill payments. Trim also has an impressive mobile alert system where they send all your financial information to your phone. 

Bill Negotiation

What if we tell you you can save tons of money by negotiating with providers? It can be anyone. Cable companies, digital marketers, wifi providers, you name it. Truebill and trim negotiate with providers to give you unbelievable rates that can help you save lots of money. 

So how does it work? You need to provide them with the provider's credentials and they will do the work for you. They will communicate with the providers to negotiate. They have experts who will convince them in decreasing your regular bills. There is no guarantee on the savings but just imagine if the providers lower their stakes. How much money you can save. It can reduce your electricity fees, credit card bills, and a bunch of other stuff.

It’s obvious that both these services will take something for their work. So, submitting your bill is completely free but Truebill takes a 40 percent fee on your first-year savings. Don’t get all depressed. It’s only one time. After one year, this goes all away and you can enjoy the services without any cost. Trim also has a fee of 33 percent on the first year. It may seem like much but the pros far outweigh the cons. 

Top-Notch Security

You must be looking for this feature since the start of this article. You are connecting your bank accounts and putting all your money at stake. It’s apparent that you will be looking for cutting-edge security in these services. Otherwise, everything goes to waste. 

Both these services have high-end security features. Let's start with Trim. So, Trim follows bank security protocols. They protect everything like a bank vault. They use a 256-bit SSL encryption technology so that there is no chance of any unfortunate events. It even has a two-factor authorization system to make sure there are no unauthorized logins. 

Truebill also follows industry-standard protocols. They use Plaid to securely connect with all their associates. You may be worried sick thinking about how your banking credentials are being stored in their server. But in reality, they don’t store or trace anything. All your information goes directly to the providers leaving everything unharmed. 

Truebill vs. Trim: Distinct Features

As we are comparing these two fascinating cost management services, it's imperative that we need to find some distinct features to crown one the winner. Here are the unique features of Truebill and Trim that separate these two from all the typical services.


As we’ve mentioned before, Trim isn’t exactly an app. It’s just a chatbox. Therefore, it's only available on browsers. On the other hand, Truebill is an app that is available on IOS, Android, and other devices. This increases the appeal of Truebill to the general audience. Not many users have the privilege or facilities to use a service in the browser. In this aspect, Truebill one-ups Trim. 

Debt Payoff Calculator

Sadly Truebill doesn’t have this feature. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that is available in Trim. It helps users pay off debts. You will have to give your debt accounts including interests and how much monthly payment you want to provide and the rest will be done by Truebill. You can even adjust your budget with this. It’s a great automated feature that helps you save time. 

Autopilot System

Truebill has a fascinating feature that seems too good to be true. The service learns your habits and analyses your patterns. It knows where you spend your extra money and which are the things you are subscribed to. It automatically saves money without you putting any effort into it. You get rid of your overdraft fees and subscription fees in no time. 

Smooth User Interface

Truebill is user-friendly. Just connecting your bank account with the service is enough to get started right away. It’s all under one roof. There are no unnecessary popups or scribbles to distract you. Truebill gives it to you straight with sugarcoating it. Therefore, you exactly know where to work on. 

Truebill vs. Trim Summary: Which one Is the Best?

Without mindless chattering, let's get to the main point. Both these services are great. But Truebill has a slight edge over most of the features. Its user interface, autopilot system, additional features forced our hands to crown it the superior management tool. 

Truebill vs. Trim FAQ:

Do Truebill and Trim store your information?

No, Truebill and Trim don’t store your information. They have strict policies regarding user data. They have nothing to do with your personal information. This is one of the main reasons why millions of people use them.

How To Delete Your Account? 

Just go to the settings icon and select the delete option. Your account along with all your information will be removed from the service. 

Final Thoughts:

Living in this tight economy is difficult. The costs of products are at an all-time high and it seems impossible to lead a good life. But Truebill and Trim can help you save some money so that you can do the things you’ve always dreamt of. 

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