Swingtradebot Review

Swingtradebot Review

Trading stocks can take up a lot of your time. Researching the whole stock market, finding out the best stocks, trading them with profits, all of them can simply take much space of your brain. Here’s when platforms like Swingtradebot comes in use! Trading software are now becoming the best friend of traders. Find out the article below on Swingtradebot review to know more.

In this article we will provide you an extensive Swingtradebot review. We will describe every feature bit-by-bit. Whether you are a professional trader or a novice one, you will definitely gain some value from this article. 

Swingtradebot Review: About Swingtradebot

Swingtradebot Review

Swingtradebot is a trading platform where you can trade or swing trade stocks using automated trend analysis system. Beginners can easily gain market information through this service. You can assess whether the stocks are performing bearish or bullish in the market through a stock screener. 

This platform allows traders to analyze the market through various technologies. Features like intraday alerts, research notes, stock screeners, and routines will help you to gain insights on the overall market view. It saves your time for doing the extensive research. So, you can be the top tier trader on the stock market.  

Here are the top features that makes Swingtradebot an amazing tool for traders out there. Keep reading and you’ll get to know about the good stuffs!

Swingtradebot Review: Top Features

Stock Screeners

We will start off with Swingtradebot’s distinctive feature – stock screeners. You can guess it right. This feature allows the investor to view all of the stock’s performance in one screen. Well, apparently there 100 plus screens to recognize the growth of the stocks over the course of a day or multiple days.

Now, let’s check out how it will really help you out. So, by using this stock screener feature, you can analyze if your stocks are bullish or bearish. Screeners categorize the stocks for you and also labels them as bearish, bullish, bearish swing, or bullish swing signals. You can visibly see the contractions or expansions which determines the strength and weaknesses easily. 

What makes them our favorite is that the software doesn’t require any type of alterations. You won’t need to customize the platform. So, they didn’t even keep customization as an option. 

You can add up three individual filters for making complex interpretations. Of course, paid users get the access of filtering screen results by Swingtradebot’s assigned stock grades, market cap, and ADX direction.

The screening option also allows traders to sort and view lists in multiple ways. You can either sort them by Swingtradebot’s A-F grading system or price change, however you like. You are free to analyze these data in different medium or platform. 

However, you should keep in mind that this stock screening process can only help traders for analyzing short-term signals. These scans contain day-end scans but not the real time ones. 


A routine for your daily trading life can certainly help you to be in track. Swingtradebot is a massive support for those beginner traders who find it difficult to keep up with the markets.

The software has a whole routine of checklists. It keeps you updated for trading in the most profitable way. You can tick off your lists once you have performed that duty. For example, Swingtradebot reminds you to check the daily loss update, check on the recent IPOs, or just simply gaining knowledge on how scan bullish stocks. 

You might not like this feature if you are an experienced trader. Though it’s a pretty effective way to stay updated, it’s simply a digital version of checklist. You can make your own checklist without this software too. But we think it’s great that they thought about this feature!

Intraday Alerts

Intraday alerts are amazing to keep you up-to-date about stock performance. Suppose, you are in the middle of the day chilling with your family or perhaps finishing off a heavy paperwork. Suddenly, your email beeps in; your stocks just gained some points. Now, who’s day just got better!

By downloading the Swingtradebot mobile app you can get notifications about the market in your smartphone. You can get emails or messages whether a stock falls or gains percentage, or any other things happening in the market. 

Well, some of the messages might not be useful for you. You can simply filter them using the same parameters in stock screeners. Thus, your inbox will remain spam free and you’ll have a productive day. 

Broad Market Overview

By navigating the broad market overview feature, Swingtradebot allows you to have a look at the stock market with naked eyes. You can surf around the stocks through this software at your home from your comfort zone.

The broad market overview lets you to understand the indexes better. It highlights the major US indices that are gaining, retreating, or indicating any other technical signals plausible. In a way, this tool saves your time from going around the web and crunching data for hours. 

We think it’s a smart way of gaining insights about the stocks you want to trade. Within just a few clicks you can unveil active stocks easily. Moreover, the tool signals whether the stocks are bullish or bearish. It’s hard to find such a disciplined tool with other platforms to get the overview of the whole market. 

Trader Mike’s Notes

So, the last tool is quite an interesting feature – the Trader Mike’s Note. It’s basically a compilation of research notes that offers insights about a particular stock. 

These notes are like short paragraphs. Each of them carries a summary of the market overview. They help a new trader to understand the sentiment around the stocks. However, this software doesn’t predict or analyze data emotionally. It is completely automated. You can guess a bot is working to provide you the market information.

Though Trader Mike’s Notes is an excellent feature, you might find these notes rarely. They are much irregular in this case. You might find these notes once in a week, or in a month. Sometimes, they even publish notes beyond months. So, we think, this feature is still in the developing stage. 

If the software fails to keep up with these updates, this feature might become useless to the traders. Other than this downside, we think it’s an amazing tool to gain market insights. 

Swingtradebot Review Summary:

The Swingtradebot review above might impact you differently depending on the type of trader you are. Undoubtedly, it’s a great platform for entry-level and intermediate-level technical traders. But if you are more experienced, you might find it less worthy for you. 

So, you have got quite an overview about the platform above. Let us summarize the whole Swingtradebot review for you through pros and cons. We hope it will help you to understand the usefulness of this platform better. 


  • Stock screeners allows more than 100 scannable screens
  • Allows to filter screens based on customizable parameters
  • Emphasizes important technical signals
  • Sends day-to-day updates and notifications through a mobile app
  • Combination of three plus technical screens are possible simultaneously
  • Highlights stocks with different colors to indicate bullish and bearish stocks
  • Helps trading without emotions
  • Provides broad market analysis 
  • Extremely reasonable in price


  • No options for screen customization
  • Screens can be recreated through free charting and screener software
  • Irregular research notes to analyze daily stock market
  • Not very useful for advanced traders

Swingtradebot Review FAQ:

What really sets Swingtradebot apart from other platforms?

Ans: As we have already mentioned in Swingtradebot review above, stock screeners are the prime feature that makes this platform unique. You can scan technical patterns and signals all together in multiple screens. There is an option of filtering out the necessary market information here too. 

You might get to screen out stocks on various screening software. However, this platform allows you to gain a comprehensive market overview only through one app. This makes Swingtradebot unique in its action. 

What is the pricing policy of Swingtradebot?

Ans: Swingtradebot has three price bundles for its customers. The Silver bundle provides free access to the user limiting some features. You can also choose the Gold or Platinum action plan in changes for a reasonable price. These plans come up with additional features and opportunities.

So, let’s talk about the silver plan first. It’s absolutely free. You can try it as a trial to understand the software. It offers 1 watchlist and 1 portfolio limiting 5 stocks per list. You can also get a 14-day free trial of the Gold plan. It’s just to give you the taste of the real Swingtradebot! 

The Gold plan covers all of the Silver plan materials but lifting the limitation a bit. Here, you can get the full access to Trade Mike’s Notes and customize your default chart settings. For this, you’ll have to pay $13.95 per month or $119.95 per year. 

Moving on to the ultimate Swingtradebot plan, the Platinum plan covers all of the features in a larger scale. You get to access 5 watchlists and 3 portfolios with 40 stocks per list. The whole plan is more or less similar to the Gold plan. They both cut off the ads and provides comfort in trading. This Platinum plan will cost $19.95 per month or $159.95 per year. 

Can I Use Swingtradebot in My Mobile?  

Previously, Swingtradebot was only for the PC users. Luckily, it now has a mobile version too. You can use it in both Android and iOS smart phones. They have separate apps for both of the operating systems.

The of this app is to provide comfort to the traders trading from anywhere around the world. So, yes, you can definitely use Swingtradebot in your mobile phone without any hassle. 

How do Letter Grades or Rankings Work in this Platform?  

You might have questions about the ranking system from the Swingtradebot review you read above. Well, no worries! In this section, we will answer what those letter grades or rankings mean in this platform.

So, in order to identify how well a stock is performing in the market, Swingtradebot ranks the stocks. It has an algorithm to analyze the market data efficiently. Hence, it ranks the stocks using letter grades to define the strength rating. 

A stock graded ‘A’ in the screen means it has shown strong results in the past. Similarly, weak stocks are rated ‘F’ here. Though the software ranks the stocks analyzing past data, it doesn’t mean they will surely act perform the same in future.

All of these rankings are just based of end-of-day scans. You might not get the real-time scans through this platform. 

How to Identify the Best Signals?

If you have read our Swingtradebot Review guide above, you already know how this platform signals about bullish and bearish stocks. Sure, there is an algorithm which does all the job. The software analyzes the market using its unique emotionless algorithm.

However, you can’t decide right away which one is the best signal. It depends on multiple factors. Each trader considers the most plausible factors and then only he can make up a decision.

Let’s just give you some hints what these factors can be:

  • Whether the market is bullish or bearish right now.
  • How long you have been holding your portfolio 
  • When to exit the market, and so on.

We don’t really recommend going along with the best signals immediately. You must inspect the market in broader terms. Only then, you can be assured if you are ready to make a trade off. 

Final Words

We hope this Swingtradebot review was helpful for you. We tried to incorporate every feature in this review guide. It’s indeed a great platform for novice and intermediate traders. They can save their time and energy too! 

We will urge every trader to evaluate the limitations of Swingtradebot. It’s because what might seem a con to us may not affect you too much. So, why miss out the good stuffs?

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