Pocket Option Trend Trading strategy

Pocket Option Trend Trading strategy

A Pocket Option Trend Trading strategy is the main trend in the direction of an asset’s price. Trend trading is a basic stock market trading strategy. We offer you a visual guide to this method of trading with recommendations for opening deals.
Why should I use this strategy?

It is very easy to trade according to the trend, all you need to be able to do is determine the Upward (the predominant direction of the price up) or Downward (the predominant direction of the price down) trend at the moment. Trends are set on exchanges where various assets are traded. In turn, trends have a technical and fundamental basis. Therefore, when trading on a trend, it is very important to carefully analyze the chart.
How to trade according to the trend?

First of all, we determine the direction of the trend. To do this, you need to draw an ascending line – the degree of verticality is determined by the points of contact of the line graph and the line. In the example below, it is clearly visible that the price is directed upwards, which means that the trend is upward:

The next step is to determine the maximum or minimum price. Since the trend, in this case, is upward, we note a local maximum on the chart:

After breaking through the local maximum, we should expect a further rise in the trend, which means that we should make a deal to buy an option UP:

As you can see from the example, the local maximum was broken and the price rushed in a further upward direction.
Trading Recommendations

Expiration: 15 minutes
Investment: 2% of the deposit

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