Pocket Option Binary The Three Candles strategy

Pocket Option Binary The Three Candles strategy

Pocket Option Binary The Three Candles strategy refers to simple, but at the same time highly effective trading systems. This strategy is based on patterns – a set of certain fluctuations on the chart, based on which it is possible to make an effective forecast of the course movement.
Why should I use this strategy?

The pattern that we will consider is called “three candles”. It is also known as the reversal bar. The strategy is easy to learn for beginners, and experienced traders are willing to use the signals of this system, combining them with other strategies in their trading.
How to trade using the “Three Candles” strategy?

To determine the first candle of the pattern, you need to pay attention to the candlestick chart. The desired candlesticks have the highest and lowest points of High and Low, respectively, compared to neighboring figures.

The next candle is the second bar of the pattern, and by closing it confirms the formation of the pattern. Finally, the third candle becomes the final one and brings us profit.

To trade using this strategy, you need to enter the market by the beginning of the formation of the third candle, immediately after the second one closes. Entering the market should be avoided if the first two candles are small in size, as well as when the second candle is large.
Trading Recommendations

Expiration: 1 candle
Investment: 2% of the deposit

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