Pocket Option Binary The Price Channel strategy

Pocket Option Binary The Price Channel strategy

If you prefer to make transactions without haste, being sure of the result, we advise you to pay attention to trading inside the channel on the “night” market. This type of trading is suitable for absolutely all assets, but it can only be used for trading outside the session – for profitable trades, complete calm in the market is necessary.
Why should I use this strategy?

During closed exchange sessions, assets move mainly in the horizontal direction. At this time, most traders who prefer trading on the volatility of quotations, go into the shadows. However, trading on the “night” market has two important advantages:

Slow price movement
Easily predictable market

Thus, Pocket Option Binary The Price Channel strategy with the right approach can bring a trader a good profit.
How to trade inside the channel?

Let’s take an example of how to trade inside the channel.

It is necessary to select an asset that is not currently trading within the exchange session;
We mark the minimum and maximum price levels on the chart;
As a result, the visual direction of the course should be horizontal:

Next, you should analyze the data obtained on the chart, and use the following signals:

When the asset price approaches the upper limit of the price channel, we open a deal;
When the quotes approach the lower border, we open deals UP:

It is worth paying attention: often the price may slightly miss the price channel or cross it – this is not critical, since the rate outside the session should return to the channel. As a reinsurance, you can start making deals a little later.
Trading Recommendations

Schedule time: 5 minutes
Expiration: 15 minutes
Investment: 2% of the deposit

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