Pocket Option Binary Seven Candles Strategy

Pocket Option Binary Seven Candles Strategy

According to the Pocket Option Binary Seven Candles Strategy, both experienced and novice traders like to trade. This system is easy to learn, does not require knowledge of the technical subtleties of the market, but at the same time is quite effective and profitable.
Why should I use this strategy?

Despite its simplicity, the strategy is quite stable. It is used for trading on a candlestick chart in an hourly timeframe. The essence of the strategy is to enter the market with a long expiration, ignoring market noise and unstable trends.
How to trade using the “Seven Candles” strategy?

To begin with, let’s denote the interval of hourly candlesticks – it is from 22:00 GMT to 11:00 GMT. Here we can see 13 candles that need to be divided into red and green. The entry into the market occurs against the movement of most candlesticks in a given time period.

To open a deal for an increase, there must be at least 7 red candles in our interval. In the next hours (but no more than four), we are waiting for the appearance and closing of a red candle. This is a signal to buy an option UP.

Accordingly, if the interval contains at least 7 green candles, we monitor the appearance and closing of a green candle in the next 4 hours. It gives us a signal to buy the option DOWN.
Trading Recommendations

Expiration: 1-3 hours
Investment: 2% of the deposit

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