Pocket Option Binary GAP strategy

Pocket Option Binary GAP strategy

A GAP is a price gap due to a large volume. The main movements on the charts occur on weekdays, however, trends do not stop on weekends either.

Friday’s official quotes may change significantly over Saturday and Sunday, which makes it possible for traders to get an “easy” profit on Monday.
Why should I use this strategy?

This trading Pocket Option Binary GAP strategy is universal and allows you to make a profit on binary options using any assets. This is the main advantage of the GAP strategy. As you know, currency and stock exchanges operate exclusively on weekdays, which means that Friday’s closing price may change significantly over the weekend and open with a large gap on Monday. Such rate gaps are called gaps, and they very often take place in stock trading. This allows us to get a good profit at the very beginning of the trading week, having prepared for the opening of trading.
How to trade using the GAP strategy?

If you do not use a candlestick chart for analysis, first of all, you need to enable it through the “Chart Type” parameter:

Deals are opening in the direction in which we observed the gap over the weekend. Our example shows that the gap occurred at a lower price. This means that there is a large volume of sellers on the market, which means that you can safely open a deal for a decrease:
Trading recommendations

Expiration: 15-30 minutes
Investment: 2% of the deposit

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