Pocket Option Binary Domino Strategy

Pocket Option Binary Domino Strategy

The Pocket Option Binary Domino Strategy is best suited for trading in a calm market. The system itself is easy to use, and does not require a trader to have serious knowledge in the field of foreign exchange markets.
Why should I use this strategy?

As we have already said, the strategy is quite simple and is great for beginners. The system is effectively used for trading most assets, and with strict adherence to the basics of the strategy, it can give a good profit. It does not require fundamental and technical analysis and is based on a superficial observation of the price – the calmer it is, the better.
How to trade using the Domino strategy?

A candlestick chart is used for trading. First we need to find an asset where there is a flat. The movement of the asset must be horizontal and within the framework of at least one hour.

The signal to open a deal is the alternation of red and green candles in the amount of at least eight times. We open a trade UP or DOWN depending on the color of the extreme candle. The green candle is for opening a deal for a decrease, and the red one, respectively, for an increase.

For example, the eighth candle is red, which means that the deal will be opened in the opposite direction UP.
Trading Recommendations

Expiration: 1 candle
Investment: 5% of the deposit

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