Pocket Option Binary Bitcoin Trading

Pocket Option Binary Bitcoin Trading

Pocket Option Binary Bitcoin Trading is a new financial instrument that is in great demand among traders of various calibres due to the high speculativeness of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin trading has become a self-sufficient market phenomenon.
Why is it worth trading Bitcoin?

As you know, stock exchanges work only 5 days a week, and on Saturday and Sunday they rest. The same thing happens on trading platforms – markets with classic currency pairs stop. But bitcoin trading does not stop for a minute. This means that you can also trade on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continuously.
How to trade Bitcoin?

The cryptocurrency market is the most volatile of those available on trading platforms. The bitcoin exchange rate can change by tens of percent up or down in a day.

Before entering the market through tools with bitcoin, you need to take into account that its rate is strongly influenced by news, and this cryptocurrency is also characterized by long-term trends. Only the competent use of indicators on the bitcoin chart allows you to trade very efficiently and get a stable profit.

The Awesome Oscillator indicator is suitable for bitcoin trading, we add it to the chart

The indicator is located below the chart and is displayed as a histogram. The intersection of the histogram of the zero level will be the signal for the transaction.

In the example below, we can observe the intersection of the histogram from top to bottom — opens a deal DOWN.

When the histogram crosses from the bottom up, we open the deal UP.
Trading Recommendations

Expiration: 2-10 candles
Investment: 4% of the deposit

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