Lucktastic Review

Lucktastic Review

Lucktasktic is a pretty popular app that you can download on your smartphone. The popularity is mainly because of how it lets you get instant cash and gift card prizes from winning games. It is very understandable to confuse this for a scam, and that is what a lot of users might think. These are the questions we will be answering today, let us begin with our Lucktastic review. 

Lucktastic Review: About Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a platform that offers scratch card games against which you can win real world prized. It was founded in 2014, and the headquarters are located in New York, New York, United States. The total number of employees working at Lucktastic is very limited, being around 20-30 employees. The total estimated revenue that Lucktastic generates per annum is about $ 2M. Are you looking to make some easy money in 2021? Well, look no further than Lucktastic. Here we take a look in our Lucktastic Review.

Since 2014, there have been quite a few winners of big prizes thanks to Lucktastic. A man won $ 1M in 2017, January from Las Vegas, America. Over $ 3M has been taken collectively by more than one million winners, which is an astonishingly big amount for a platform of this type.

Lucktastic Review: Top Features 

There are quite a few features that you will find available with Lucktastic. Aside earning money, you will also be able to take part in contests and such. Lets go through them in more detail in our article on Lucktastic Review.

  • Free Sign Up 

Lucktastic is fully free for registration and signing up. With registration, you will be able to get all the facilities that Lucktastic has to actually offer. From claiming prizes to redeeming rewards, you can do all of that once you have completed registration. Registration is very easy with Lucktastic as it is made to be open for anyone willing to put in some effort for some fantastic rewards.

First you will need to download the Lucktastic application from the Apple Store or the Google Playstore, depending on your device. Then navigate to the first window of the application, and click on the clover icon located in the upper left hand corner. To reiterate, this will be in the dashboard of the application.

Now click on the drop down arrow of the application, and you can click register. You will now be able to register with your Facebook account or your email, and that is all! You are now set to go.  

  • Scratch Cards Everyday

Scratch cards are the most simple way to earn money on Lucktastic. Everyday, you will be allowed access to a limited number of scratch cards. These cards will be available only till 4 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, and then they will reset. Afterwards, all the new cards will be generated. Between 1 P.M. and 9 P.M. EST, you will have bonus cards available. 

In order to play the scratch card games, you have to select a card first. Hold down your finger on the screen, and move right and left in order to expose the hidden symbols or texts. In order to score, you will have to match one of the three winning symbols displayed on the card. If you do, you win. Each player’s report of earning tokens, cash or a combination of the two will be dependent on that card.

If the card scratching does not satisfy you, there’s more for you. Once you have played at least one scratch card a day for a consecutive four days, you’ll be gaining a daily $5000 card. After you have played a total of 150 cards like these, you’ll be gaining a $10,000. Lastly, you will gain a $25 scratch card for just liking Lucktastic on social media.

The down side of this is that you will be needing to watch a 30-second advertisement every time after you finish scratching once. They can be slightly annoying and repetitive, but you still do not need to make any payment to use Lucktastic.

  • Sweepstakes and Contests

Signing up for Lucktastic also opens up your access to contests. Contests and sweeptstakes are another chance for you to make more cash. These cash prizes will generally be a worth of groceries, or just a chance to play another game.

Mind you however, this extra game can land you as much as $1 million, so the range is pretty big and worth it. Tokens can be used to enter daily and earn more entries in Daily Rewards. The Daily Rewards will be discussed in more detail later.

Be aware that wins are not guaranteed from just participating in these contests. You can redeem your tokens for each of the contest entries. Although winning will not be a guarantee, each entry will require you some tokens every time. Here are just some of the rewards aside money: iPads, Gift Cards and Cash Sweepstakes. 

Lucktastic will make sure that all the payouts have been disbursed after the contests. When the contest winners have been decided, they will be emailed through mail. Be aware in case you win a contest and have not kept check of your email. If you have not responded to an email regarding your contest reward after 48 hours, a different winner will be decided.

  • VIP Program

Lucktastic has a VIP Program which was made in order to reward loyalty and increase participation. The VIP Program allows everyone to have the normal privileges of a general user, but a lot more than that as well.

There are three different tiers for the VIP Program at the moment, categorized as Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will be told in your VIP scorescard section in the application what you need to do in order to reach a new level, and also what rewards are awaiting for you with it.

First of all, you will get a weekly entry into a $5 Amazon Gift card raffle as a member of the VIP Program. Alongside that, you will also be rewarded with a 500 Token Scratch card everyday. Increasing in tiers from Bronze to Silver or Gold will increase these amounts by quite a bit, thus making your effort feel fruitful and rewarding.  

  • Complete Offers

Here’s another way you can earn some easy tokens through Lucktastic. You’ll be asked to take surveys and download applications from sources that are partnered with Lucktastic. This will be able to get you a handful of tokens that you can either save up or use for your own rewards.

Be noted that installing partnered applications will be able to qualify you for bonuses that are not just higher than taking surveys, but possibly more than the rewards from scratch cards. 

There are users on Lucktastic who have used this offer opportunity to install partnered apps on their phones as many times as they want. This might be a risk for security breaches, so you should be careful with it. A general advice would be to use a spare phone for these procedures if you have one available to you. 

  • Friend Referrals

Referring to friends is a very popular practice in online services and Lucktastic is no different. You will get a bonus of a thousand tokens every time your friend or a referral downloads Lucktastic using the referral code that you have provided. Moreover, this referral code will only be unique to you, and it is absolutely necessary to get that bonus.

This is not going to work for you if you just tell your friend to download the application, and they do it. The code is necessary in order for Lucktastic to know that it was you who referred the new download. 

If you want to share the referral code with one or more of your friends, launch up the Lucktastic application on your phone. In the dashboard, navigate to the four leaf clover at the top left corner of the screen, and tap on Friends. Now you can share this code through Facebook, Twitter, Email or just SMS.

  • Legitimacy

Lucktastic is indeed not a scam, as it is very much legitimate. To date, it has given out more than $3 million in cash and gift cards/prizes to others since its foundation. Moreover, Lucktastic has also gotten very positive reviews as one of the best lifestyle apps in the entirety of the Google Play store.

It might be tedious to earn tokens and cash, but that is also made clear by Lucktastic itself when they have said that it is not a “get rich quick” scheme. If money is an emergency for you, you can find other ways to get it such as starting a fund or a donation. 

  • Rewards

There are a few different types of rewards you can win on Lucktastic. Scratch cards are the most obvious ones, as they have been mentioned earlier. Aside instant cash, you can also win tokens too. Tokens are basically non-monetary units you can earn, and these can be redeemed later for gift cards, subscriptions and contest entries.

Contest, which has been mentioned too, will let you earn more gift cards, products or the grand prizes.

Back in 2019, the grand prize for winning a contest was to go to Lucktastic’s headquarters in NY and play an additional game to win as much as up to $1M. The minimum amount you will need for cashing out is $2, and you will need 30,000 tokens for a $5 gift card on Amazon.

The Lucktastic website will tell you that it offers gift cards from over 30 different brands and retail stores. 

Lucktastic Review Summary:


  • Easy to play, fun games that reward you in different ways
  • Earning easy money from doing rather simple tasks
  • Just $5 needed minimum for cashing out money
  • Legitimate service provided for almost a decade
  • Very positively reviewed platform on Play Store
  • Earning tokens and other products from gift cards


  • Tedious and repetitive process for playing games
  • You will need to play a lot of games before making money
  • Annoyingly high number of advertisements after each games
  • Constraints are set so that you cannot make too much in little time

Lucktastic Review FAQs:

Can I sign up for Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is open to everyone for signing up whenever you want. If you are above the age of 13, and have a valid email or Facebook account, you are all set from right there. Download the Lucktastic application as you wish, and you can click on the clover leaf icon to sign up. That is all you have to do.

Is Lucktastic a scam?

Luckstatic might sound shady to a lot of you, but fortunately it is very legitimate. There are a lot of users who can admit to having received money in return for having put their efforts into Luckstatic. Amount wise, over a million users have received around $3 M in return for their activities on Luckstatic.

Will I get rich quick using Luckstatic?

Not really, unless you are exceptionally lucky. Even then, the chances are ridiculously low. Luckstatic is an application to help you make some quick and easy money. But in terms of amounts, it will remain very limited for most of the time. At best, it is very much recommended that you do not start depending on Luckstatic for money. 

Are there advertisements on the application?

Yes, the Lucktastic application has advertisements. The lack of any fees for downloads or signing up is made up for through this, as it does remain a free of charge application. On the other hand, you will receive an annoying number of advertisements for every game you play and finish. 

Final Words

This was a review of Lucktastic. It is a fun and easy to use application that lets you make some quick and easy cash. However, it is not recommended to use this too seriously. We hope this article has been able to answer your queries about Lucktastic.

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