Ledger Blue vs. Nano S

Ledger Blue vs. Nano S

Whenever you look at an article or news pertinent to cryptocurrency, the first thing you will notice is how they emphasize security. It’s the one thing cryptocurrency platforms have to ensure to keep their business on track. The most valuable assets in the crypto world are the keys.

In these keys lies the secret to unraveling millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. To safeguard this data and information, hardware wallets were developed. Its where the investors store all their valuable keys so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

When it comes to hardware wallets, there aren’t any better alternatives than the Ledger Blue and Nano S. Both of them have solidified their place of being the top wallets in the game. Let's get a rudimentary idea about them.  

About Ledger Blue: 

Ledger Blue completely changed the perception of how hardware wallets were conceived. Since the inception of hardware wallets, people have thought it to be an accessible pocket wallet. There wasn’t any user interface.

Then came the Ledger Blue. Its large touch screen interface made the whole crypto exchange process much easier. Not only that, its metallic body and versatile range of currencies make it a formidable force. 

About Nano S: 

This is where it all started. The Nano S is officially the first Ledger hardware wallet ever produced. Even after so many years, it has still kept its integrity. The built-in display is something every investor craves for. On top of that, Nano S has layers after layers of security to protect all its user's keys. There is absolutely no room for any compromise. There’s a reason why the Nano S is preferred by thousands of crypto enthusiasts around the world.

Common Features: 

Both Ledger Blue and Nano S have tons of common features. That’s why they are considered to be rivals. To list them all would be quite arduous. Therefore, here are some of the most fascinating features of Ledger Blue and Nano S to pique your interest. 

Easy To Setup: 

Hardware wallets are tiny pieces of equipment. But don’t get deceived by its simple look. They have one of the most intricate objectives in the crypto market. Therefore, it’s obvious that setting them up would be quite troublesome. But it is the complete opposite for the Nano S and Ledger Blue.

Setting them up is straightforward. When you purchase the Ledger Blue or the Nano S, you have to configure it as a new device.  The first thing you have to do is give a strong pin code. This pin code makes your hardware wallet unbreachable. They are usually of 4 to 8 digits.

You can give any digits as your Pincode. But make sure you remember the code correctly. Another thing is don’t put something too obvious like your birthdate as it is easy to guess.

After confirming it, there will be a recovery phase. In this phase, you will be given 24 words. These words help you back up your data. You might be wondering how on earth one can remember these many words. Don’t worry. Both Nano S and Ledger blue come with a recovery sheet to copy the 24 words.

This process is important for backing up your assets in case you forget your pin code. After following all the instructions, confirm it, and voila. You are done. It wasn’t that difficult. Was it? 

Cutting Edge Security

Both Ledger Blue and Nano S have earned quite a name for themselves for providing top-notch security. They have layers after layers of protection when it comes to safeguarding the crypto keys. They are malware proof which means no external software can breach their system. The recovery phase and the pin codes prevent all unauthorized login.

They also have impressive EAL61/ST31 BOLOS isolation technology protocols. These can’t be accessed by any applications making them completely secured. Both wallets also use high-end encryption software to protect all assets. All in all, you can trust them without a doubt. 

No Anti-Tamper Seals

If you want to find one of the most useless things in the world, then you can take a good look at the anti-tamper seals. Well for those of you who don’t know, anti-tamper seals are sealed in the packages to prevent counterfeiting. But in reality, it does more harm than good.

These anti-tamper seals are easy to counterfeit. Miscreants can deceive potential customers. That’s why they are misleading and many companies are trying to avoid them. Ledger has always been up to date with the trends. They strictly prohibit the use of anti-tamper seals. Rather they use a secure chip to prevent physical tampering. It is much more useful than the traditional sticky seals.


Both Ledger Blue and Nano S are extremely versatile when it comes to coins and wallets. To check balance, you can freely use third-party wallets. Not only that, Ledger offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The Nano S supports 26 different bitcoins and about 1500 tokens including the famous ERC-20 tokens. The number is slightly less for Ledger Blue. Nevertheless, both provide a plethora of methods for the investors.

Impressive Hardware: 

Let's start with the Ledger Blue. Its design is one of a kind. There are tons of obscurity when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Users complain that they don’t get what they see. But the Ledger blue clears all confusion. The WYSIWYS paradigm ensures that the transaction is met with integrity from both ends. The device itself is flexible. It may look like a handheld tablet but the capacity of the Ledger blue is mind-blowing. 

The Nano S has similar hardware. You can get access to any blockchains or crypto libraries. It gives room for connecting with multiple apps. On top of that, it follows a proof of process protocol that gives the investors stress-free time while dealing with it. 

Lightweight and Portable

Enough with the technical mumbo jumbo. Let's talk about something interesting. Do you want to know the most fascinating aspect of these two hardware wallets? It is that they both weigh less than 100 grams.

Yes, it does seem too good to be true. But the Ledger Blue only weighs about 90 grams. The Nano S has an unbelievable weight of 16 grams. You can hardly feel it in your hands.

You can travel around carrying them without dropping a sweat. You can put it in your pockets or your bag. They are also immensely durable. Therefore, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Additional Perks:

There is a wide range of additional perks to them. Let's name them a few to conclude this segment of our article. Firstly, both of them have a USB type B connector. They are compatible with pretty much all devices like androids, IOS, laptops, and such. Ledger Blue and Nano S have an ergonomic body with an aesthetic design. They come in a beautiful handy box that has a certain novelty to it.

Ledger Blue and Nano S are mostly created with plastic and stainless steel. The outer part is resistant to all forces making them quite durable. Both of these hardware wallets are a complete package. 

Distinct Features:

Reading for so long, you surely had questions like this, “Well, Mr. Writer, If they have so much in common, how do we know which one is the better option? The question to that is some things make them significant from the other. Let’s talk about the distinct features of the Ledger Blue and Nano S to discover which one is the best. 

Huge Difference In Price

This is probably enough to sort out which hardware wallet is better. As we’ve seen, both Ledger Blue and Nano S have a lot of similarities in them. Except for a thing or two. So it's normal that both of them will have a similar price. But that is not the case.

Ledger Blue is roughly about 300 dollars. You might think that the price isn’t much. But if you see it from a buyer's point of view, it is way too expensive. 

On the other hand, You can get your hands on the Nano S for 59 dollars. Yes, you heard that right. That’s why the value is great when it comes to the Nano S. 

Now let us ask you a question. Would you buy a product with the same features paying 250 dollars more? Sure there are more features in the Ledger Blue. But at the end of the day, the crucial features are just the same. This where Ledger Blue falls apart. 

Touch Screen User Interface

So why should you buy Ledger Blue? Don’t get it twisted. While it's true that the price is a bit exaggerated, the features of the Ledger blue surely make up for it. It has something that no other wallets in the market have access to.

The Ledger Blue is like a tablet. It has a distinct touch screen user interface. The touch screen is responsive unlike many products in the market. You can check all your wallets and assets with the touch of your finger. The bigger screen makes it much easier to navigate and verify the transaction. It even has a backlit light for certain scenarios. The only bummer is that you can’t fully see the balance. 

Sadly the Nano S doesn’t have a LED touch screen. It's more like a pen drive than a tablet. Its normal screen on the back is useful for basic functions. But it isn’t as diverse as the Ledger Blue. But one plus point is that it is much handier. The Ledger Blue is quite bigger than the Nano S and while it's still very small, packing it can sometimes bring problems. 

Ledger Blue vs. Nano S



Now that we’ve looked at the common and distinct features of the Ledger Blue and Nano S we can find out which one is the frontrunner. While both of them have some amazing features, one question remains to be still answered. Is the price of the Ledger Blue worth it? There is no point in buying a much more expensive hardware wallet just for the sake of a touch screen user interface. That’s why Nano S is our winner. 


Can I Unplug My Ledger Nano S?

As we’ve mentioned before, Ledger Nano S is similar to a pen drive. It has no on/off button. Therefore you can’t manually turn it off. You have to connect it with your preferred device like a laptop or an android. After connection, the Ledger Nano S will turn on. Disconnecting it from the device will turn it off automatically. 

What To Do It I am Stuck With Update? 

While updating, it's common to face some technical issues. There are system bugs that can cause malfunctions while updating.  If you get stuck with your update, this is what you can do. 

First, close your browser and all other options. After that turn off your antivirus or any other protection software. Try reinstalling and reopening the Ledger manager. This should fix the update problem. If it's still stuck, try changing the cable. The last option you can try is by restarting the computer. Most of the time restarting your device is the only working remedy. 

Should I Update To Firmware 2.1?

There is no forcing you into updating. You know your hardware wallet the best. That’s why it's totally up to you. But Ledger strongly advises updating your Ledger Blue to firmware 2.1. It's better in many aspects.

Final Thoughts:

Your private keys have the power to open the doorways to your valuable assets. Keeping it in personalized phones and laptops is a big risk. Anyone with a bad intention can get their hands on it if they want. That’s why you need to keep them safe. To protect them from all harm, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue are always there for you.

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