HealthyWage Review

HealthyWage Review

For a lot of individuals, losing weight is something that they want, but the motivation required for it is quite difficult to attain. Maybe you have bought a gym membership and some expensive equipment, but left them unused for months. Read here on how you can use monetary rewards in our HealthyWage Review.

So what if you were told that you could lose weight and received money in exchange? Sounds like a dream? Not anymore! With HealthyWage, this is made possible. Let us find out how that is so in our HealthyWage review today. 

HealthyWage Review: About HealthyWage

HealthyWage Review

HealthyWage was founded in 2009 as a profitable company involving health and wellness. The main policy of the company was that it would provide you with challenges to lose weight and complete fitness tasks, and receive money in exchange for doing so. Health is a very important factor that seems to get overlooked in our busy lives, and HealthyWage tried to incentivize people to move towards a fitter body.

Today in our HealthyWage review, we will be looking at what the top features of the platform are. This will also cover up any questions you might have regarding their legitimacy and policies. We will also list down some pros and cons in our HealthyWage review so that you can understand the platform better. Lastly, we will include a section for the most frequently asked questions by the users. 

HealthyWage Review: Top Features

  • Lose Weight, Earn Money

The main goal of HealthyWage was to get people more into shape, while they also paid you. This is simple and easy to do, and involves some steps to do completely.

Calculate your Goal

First of all, you have to calculate how much you want your goal to be. This will require you to go to the HealthyWage Calculator. You will have to enter your goal of losing weight in terms of pounds, the time you want to do this in, and how much you want to be per month in terms of US dollars.

Once you have made this bet and the system has certified it, you can go to the next step, which will require the main effort from your end. 

Lose the Weight

Stay on your track and calculate your progress regularly. Make sure that you consume healthy foods and follow your workout routines that you or a trainer has set up for you. You can also make use of the community that is available at HealthyWage to get some feedback. Feedback can include what type of diet you should follow and how to optimize your weight loss progress.

Verify the Results

This is a point that might be a concern for skeptics. Well, you can put it all to rest because HealthyWage will verify your weight at the start and the end off the loss process. You can verify your weight in two ways. Either remotely have someone from HealthyWage verify your weight as you weigh in. Or you can send a video in which you are measuring your weight and have it verified by someone from HealthyWage.

  • HealthyWage Points

HealthyWage points are what you earn once you complete challenges on the platform. Each point is worth $1 and they can either be redeemed as the cash amount, or as for your chance to join another challenge and earn even more points. If you can keep winning challenges like these, you can earn quite a lot of points that will be able to reward you amply with cash. 

Mainly, the challenges are kind of a risk as being unable to complete the challenge will result in your not really earning any points. On the other hand, completing them means more points and if you can have a streak of wins in challenges, it can give you a large amount of points. This is however rather difficult to achieve.

  • Easy to Use and Free for All

Registration is open for all users at HealthyWages, as long as they are over the age of 18 and in the United States. You cannot register from outside as this is identified as a gambling platform by many other platforms outside US and is not allowed.

If you have a Facebook account or an email ID, that is all you will need to sign up with HealthyWage. If you are wondering how you will be paid after completing bets or challenges, you will be able to contact HealthyWage with your PayPal or bank account. They will then send the money to you according to your method of choice.

It is recommended to use PayPal for most users, as reviews with bank checks are not really positive. There are issues of slow procedures thanks to the banks and you might need more time than actually necessary. This is why PayPal is preferred by most users on HealthyWage.

  • Employer Programs

Employer programs are potentials for companies and organizations who want to invoke employee wellness programs. Not only does this help the businesses decrease their costs regarding medicine and health care, but also reduce the number of days employees take for leave due to being sick.

This also helps HealthyWage as their platform is elevated further and their business can be spread across more brands. Remember that HealthyWage does not charge its users, but it’s actually insurance companies, health systems, clinics, hospitals and the government who mainly fund them. This way, you can stay free of worry about them doing this for any shady reasons.

  • Challenges

There are a few different types of challenges involved in HealthyWage. These team challenges involve you and up to 9 other individuals at the same time. A way to possibly double the stakeout is to aim for the same weight loss as your team. 

Jackpost Challenges are given to you as an individual’s challenge, or as a team’s challenge. The money you put into a pot will be given to you and your team if you and your team can lose at least 6% of your weight. Sounds challenging, but there are more types.

Step challenges involve you counting your steps. You will have to connect your step counter to HealthyWage in order to participate in this. Again, competition is valid as individual or as a team of up to 10. Set a specific goal and complete it with your team to win the whole pot.

Lastly is the $10,000 Team Challenge. This is very simple, yet very hard. A team of 5 people will compete in who can lose the highest percentage of weight in order to win a cash prize, where the top prize is $10,000.

  • Legitimacy

HealthyWage is very much a legitimate business, and they follow all the ethics necessary. They have been around since 2009, so they have the legacy to prove. Most of the money made from players who lose do not actually go to the company itself, but to the winners of other challenges. 

Money that is needed to operate HealthyWage is fully based on the funds provided by many separate bodies as mentioned above, which includes the government.

Given that participants actually have complete control of the outcome, you cannot really argue about it being a gamble. There is no way for the company to make you lose the challenge, or make you not lose the appropriate amount of weight you need to.

  • Many Satisfied Customers

There is no better way to earn the trust of your customer, than to let them know about the customers who you have already satisfied. This is great for HealthyWage as they have a very long list of ex-customers and clients who have used this service, lost weight and earned a good amount of money. 

On their website, you can find more details of such customers with before and after photographs. This lets you know that there are quite a few real life people who have used HealthyWage to get their challenge service, and also won money. Not only that, they have probably ended up making their lives for the better by losing a large amount of weight.

HealthyWage Review Summary:


  • Provides you with great incentives for you to lose weight and feel better

    • Plenty of users available at HealthyWage to provide you with support
    • Let’s you choose your own goals without any external constraints
    • Let’s you participate in challenges with teams for extra money
    • A great platform for you to be more healthy and get money


  • Not for those who are already fit and can result unhealthily for them
  • Challenges are difficult as everyone needs to put equal efforts
  • Not a long term way to make money as you can only lose a certain amount

HealthyWage Review FAQs:

  1. Is HealthyWage a scam?

As this is already discussed, let us answer this simply. No, HealthyWage is not a scam. Those who fail to profit or make anything at all from HealthyWage are usually people who fail to stick to their diets or the program. There are a multitude of reasons that make HealthyWage a legitimate business.

They are backed with a lot of sponsorships and partnerships. This is not limited to and includes hospitals, healthcare bodies, clinics, restaurants and even the government. This is just an idea to make humans have better bodies while also having an additional incentive for it, realized into fruition. 

  1. Is HealthyWage really worth it?

Now this is a subjective question. If you are someone who thinks you have to lose weight, HealthyWage can benefit you greatly. If you are someone who is happy in their own body, not worried about losing weight, then this may not be as fulfilling for you as the next person.

HealthyWage’s business model is targeted towards those who are willing to lose a significant amount of weight and thus reward them rather significantly. This is obviously not easy, when you are not being able to lose enough weight. Either because you are already fit, or because you cannot bring yourself to put in the effort, or sometimes it can actually be both the reasons.

  1. Who should join the HealthyWage program?

HealthyWage participants are those who are having difficulties losing weight and/or are in poor shape. If you need the extra motivation and incentive to get rid of that extra muscle, join up today. 

On the other hand, HealthyWage’s system is targeted towards those who have enough weight to lose. You cannot really make much money if you do not have a lot of extra fat to get rid of. While the team challenges are engaging and give you a sense of community, let’s not forget that you have to put in an equal amount of effort and lose a significant amount of weight together.

  1. How do I actually get paid?

Once you have won a challenge, you start winning HelathyWage points. These points are valued at $1 per point, and will be added to your account after you have won them. Usually, it takes till evening for your account to be updated with this information.

Using your HealthyWage points, you can convert them to cash and get the money through paper check or through PayPal. You can also use these points to join other challenges which will increase your chances of winning even more.

There is however a processing fee of $7 for paper checks, and this does not apply for PayPal. PayPal may however charge a fee, but the amount will still be less than that of the bank’s paper check.

Final Words

HealthyWage is a legitimate website for you to become healthier while having the incentive of earning some quick money. They have a lot of satisfied clients who have participated happily in these transactions and gotten their rewards. Invest your effort into HealthyWages if you want to lose some extra weight and get into better shape as they will not only help you become healthier, but put some weight on your wallet too.

Thank you for going through this article, we hope it was informative and satisfactory.

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