Guarda Wallet Review

Guarda Wallet Review

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies. Elon musk is constantly twitting about how it's going to take over the market. But do we actually know how this thing works? In reality, crypto coins don’t have any value on them. It’s the private keys that have all the potential.

That’s why safeguarding the keys is the number one priority in the crypto world. This is where wallets come in. A crypto wallet is where you keep all your valuable information. It protects it just like a locker. 

About Guarda Wallet:

Guarda wallet came into the spotlight due to its impressive features. Investors all around the world have put their faith in it. The wallet is decentralized and noncustodial. After getting the FIU license in 2017, there was no stopping them. It started small by being a single currency wallet.

But now after four years since its inception, Guarda wallet has access to thousands of assets and coins. It tells us how far the company has come. Apart from that, the wallet is very easy to use. Even beginners can try out their luck with the Guarda wallet. 

Top Features: 

Guarda Wallet has garnered a lot of attention over the years and for good reasons. Here are some of the fascinating features of the Guarda wallet to pique your interest. 

Fast Crypto exchange

You might be wondering what's so special about this wallet? Any wallet out there can do the stuff that Guarda wallet provides. Yes, they can. But we can assure you, they can’t provide it as fast as the Guarda Wallet. You can instantly stake, exchange, earn or buy a versatile range of coins or tokens. 

There are no restrictions or limits unlike other wallets in the market. You can exchange as much as you want and the wallet isn’t going to restrict you. It gives you full access to your assets. Most crypto wallets have some obscurity regarding them. People tend to get confused and technical issues occur daily. Some wallets don’t even show you the fees before transection. 

But the Guarda wallet is different. They like to keep things crystal clear between them and the users. They show the fees before you make the transactions. You can carefully examine if there is something wrong. Therefore, every transaction goes to the right address without causing you to pay any extra money for it.

Trusted by Thousands

You can’t just trust a wallet out of nowhere. You are going to put your valuable assets into it. Therefore, the authenticity of the wallet needs to be validated. The Guarda wallet is a fully licensed and legal wallet that is trusted by thousands.

Trans has actively worked with Guarda wallet and praised it for its amazing features. The TRX is available on the wallet. Even the biggest cryptocurrency platform has collaborated with Guarda wallet. Binance has always supported it. That’s enough to clear all your doubts.  

Versatile Coins and Assets

Guarda wallet provides its users a plethora of different coins and assets. It has an association with over 50 major blockchains. More than ten thousand tokens are supported in the platform. You can trade popular coins like ERC20, TRON, OMNI, and even NEO. As we’ve mentioned before, the Guarda wallet is an open-access multicurrency wallet. It supports tons of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Monero, and also rising currencies like Zcash. 

As decentralized finance tokens are getting momentum, Guarda wallet has incorporated them into the system. It has Defi tokens like Uniswap, MKR, and REN. The most fascinating thing about it is you can even relate your stable coins to fiat currencies like the euro or dollar. The options are endless. 

Completely Anonymous

Your personal information is the most precious asset in the world. If it goes to the wrong hands, your whole life can be in jeopardy. That’s why you need to keep your personal information to yourself.

While exchanging currencies, most wallets ask for your personal information like your email address and phone number. It increases the risk of unauthorized login to your account. 

The Guarda wallets know the value of personal information. That’s why they don’t store any data regarding their users. You can exchange or trade cryptocurrencies while being completely anonymous. Don’t worry. Being anonymous won’t affect the transaction. It always runs smoothly in the Guarda wallet. 

Multiple Device

We all have our preferences. Some of us like to sit in a comfortable chair and work on our laptops or PC. Some of us check out trades with mobile or ios apps. The Guarda wallet is available on Google Play, app store, windows, and Linux. If you want to exchange cryptocurrencies on the big screen, you can try out the web wallet. If you want to travel and still be updated, then you can use the mobile app. The Guarda wallet gives tons of options to its users.


This probably isn’t as important as other features on the list but surely it can make quite a difference. Here’s a harsh reality check for you. Holding cryptocurrencies or coins can get addicting. You may ask how that is even possible. Well, first you buy some coins in your wallet. Now you have to continuously check for updates to see if the value of your asset has gone up or down.

Even when it’s gone up, you don’t want to sell your coins. Your conscious tells you to keep holding the coins as they can grow even more in the future. 

Therefore, this process can get quite intimidating. Trends change in milliseconds in the crypto realm. Prices of certain currencies rise in one minute and fall in the other. That’s why you need to keep an eye on the market. But it’s not possible to maintain it. The Guarda wallet offers a newsletter that will send you emails about everything related to the crypto market. It can increase your chances of achieving success. And don’t worry. The Guarda wallet doesn’t share your email address with anyone.

Staking Rewards

You can earn passive income on top of your holdings in the Guarda wallet. It allows staking your holdings in their platform. For those of you who don’t know what staking is, it is a process of fund storage.

The users store their funds on the blockchains and it provides support for it. For this reason, users get some handsome rewards. This kind of earning is called passive income. It's safe and there is no negative percentage or fraud. You can only make a profit with it. 

The Guarda wallet offers unbelievable deals on staking’s. For staking Ethereum coins, you can earn up to 7.14 percent of the total amount.  For Harmony one, you can get rewards up to 10.86 percent. There are rewards like these for each cryptocurrency on the wallet. Stake your holdings and earn easily without any sort of work. 

Crypto Loan

Taking a loan can jumpstart your career. Crypto loans aren’t as complicated as traditional loans. The Guarda wallet doesn’t provide you loans in Fiat currencies. The process is easier because the loans are given in digital currencies. So, everything happens online. You can take any amount of loan at any time. There aren’t any limits or restrictions. The loans don’t charge any additional fees. You only have to pay the annual fee at the start of each month.

There are some requirements before you borrow loans from the Guarda wallet. You have to send your crypto holdings as collateral. That means you can’t ask for a loan if you don’t have any holdings in the wallet. You need to buy some coins and keep them as collateral before asking for a loan. 

So how do you get a crypto loan in the Guarda wallet? Well, it's pretty straightforward. First, you have to open your wallet on your phone or laptop. Then go to the ‘borrow’ tab. After that, calculate the amount of loan you can get by using different collateral options. Now you have to select your address and the amount and voila. You are done. After the network confirms its authenticity, you will get the loan in no time. 

High-End Security

Being a noncustodial wallet is impressive enough. On top of that, the Guarda wallet offers layers after layers of protection to its user's assets. Every time you log in, you need to input the unique pin code. There is also a two-factor authentication system to recognize if it is you who is trying to authorize it. While setting the wallet up, you have to go through a seeding phrase that helps you back up all your data and information. 

There is no chance of hacking your assets in the Guarda wallet. Unlike many wallets, the Guarda wallet doesn’t keep any information on its platform. Therefore, there are no traces of it. Other than that, they use encryption tools to obfuscate the data to outsiders. 

You are the only person that can authorize your wallet. No one can get their hands on your wallet. There are users of certain wallets that complain that their account suddenly gets frozen or seized out of nowhere. This is because the blockchain interferes with their wallets. But that is not the case for the Guarda wallet. Your funds are always safe and sound.

Guarda Wallet Review

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Pros and Cons:

There are so many pros of the Guarda wallets that keep on coming. Therefore, to make it brief, we are only including most pros that matter the most.


  • High staking rewards
  • Easy to access
  • Free to use
  • Versatile payment methods
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Amazing customer service
  • Newsletter and blogs to keep you updated
  • Compatible in any devices
  • Fast and smooth user interface


Despite having such good features, the Guarda wallet does have some flaws. Here are some things that the Guarda wallet needs to improve on.

  • New wallet: It’s only have been four years since the Guarda wallet got its FIU license. It still needs to go a long way. There are some minor technical issues that they need to fix. 
  • Fees for Inbuilt Services: This is perhaps the major con of the Guarda wallet. Though it’s free, the in-built services require fees to access it. The fees are up to 3.5 percent which isn’t much. But when you consider how many services are in the wallet, it surely goes up to a higher number. 
  • Multi Signatures: The multi-signature of the Guarda wallet is not automated. It creates some confusion among the users and can be quite arduous. Therefore, the developers need to rethink it.


How Do I Update Guarda?

It's always auto-updated so you don’t need to worry about it. If you don’t have auto-updates enabled then you can easily find the app on the app store or google play. 

How Can I Manage My Funds?

Guarda wallet offers tons of options to manage your funds effectively. You can check your transaction history. There you can calculate if the fees are right or not. You also get the opportunity to track the web addresses. Apart from that, you can also check your current balance in the Guarda wallet.

There are separate tabs for buying and receiving so that the users don’t get confused. There is also an advanced options tab where you specify some certain factors like network fee and the extra id. If you are looking to exchange your cryptocurrencies then you can go to the exchange tab. There you will see all the rates of different currencies. With a click of a button, you can exchange them. You can also view the availability of the currencies. 

Final Thoughts:

Wallets are like safe-keepers to your valuable possession. The Guarda wallet has sword-like features that can cut down any harm that comes towards your assets. That’s why you can always count on it. The dream of a safe, decentralized world is not far away because of the Guarda wallet.

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