Ebook Junkie Review

Ebook Junkie Review

The world of books is becoming digital with every passing day. The sales of hardcopies of books have gone down by a lot over the years, for which there are a lot of reasons. You should consider switching to e-books if you are having a hard time getting hard copies too. This is why eBook Junkie has been a great option to quench your thirst as a reader. Let’s find out more about eBook Junkie today in our eBook Junkie review.

Ebook Junkie Review: About Ebook Junkie 

eBook Junkie is an online platform that lets you download free ebooks with all included rights and rights to resell. Not only is the platform useful for book readers, but authors can also choose to upload their books in order to gain exposure.

Although eBook Junkie is still a growing website, they have been gaining a lot of traction recently. This is an incentive for any general author who is looking to get their name out into the world as a writer. Read here to know more on our article on Ebook Junkie Review!

Ebook Junkie Review: Top Features 

  • Wide Variety of eBooks

eBook Junkie lets you explore a plethora of books as a reader. Just name the topic, and eBook Junkie has got you covered on it. Genres ranging wide and containing variety, eBook Junkie has free books available on Arts & Photography, Biography, Business, Finance, Computing, Crafts and Hobbies and much more.

With a website like this, it is important to make sure that the genres available are able to satisfy all kinds of audiences. Otherwise, it might end up being rather difficult to maintain a returning client on the website. Moreover, a wider variety of genres of eBooks makes more incentive for a regular user to look into becoming a premium user.

This wide variety of genres makes it more convenient for users to find free eBooks on the same platform. Cases where readers are unable to find hardcopies of books they want to buy, can be solved slowly by this. With a platform like eBook Junkie, it lets users read books in soft copies without having to go around stores for the book. 

Moreover, if you look into it, you will see that eBook Junkie has put in an amazing amount of effort to make their catalogue very big. The genres are not only educational, but contains fiction, lifestyle and tutorials too. 

  • Premium Membership

For those users who are satisfied with the free features of eBook Junkie, they have the premium membership. This adds many more incentives for you to stay active with the platform, which we will explore in more detail in the next points. Let us get a brief understanding of how this works though.

With premium membership, you get total access to all the eBooks available on eBook Junkie. That does not sound like much, does it? Well, you also get Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights. The next points will explore these features in further detail.

For now, resell rights let you sell your eBooks to others, and master resell rights lets you basically become a book vendor. This opens up opportunities for you, not only as a writer and a reader, but also in terms of entrepreneurship. 

Premium Memberships are available at just $39.99. This is a onetime payment and it does not require you to stay committed to eBook Junkie for a monthly or yearly subscription. If you are tired of paying monthly bills for services you barely use anymore, then you have nothing to worry about with eBook Junkie. 

They understand the difficulties of subscriptions for regular users. They are trying to make eBooks more accessible to others. Simply speaking, this makes it very convenient for a lot of book lovers who are not able to access books more easily or readily. 

  • Resell Rights

eBooks did not have resell rights for the longest of time. Nowadays however, you can sell off your eBooks you buy to others without needing any additional documents or research. Once upon a time, reselling your eBooks opened up the risks of you getting charges against you from the original seller.

As time passed, eBook platforms realized that buyers are more likely to stay away from them if the eBook buying and selling is a onetime thing. eBook Junkie is no different from these leading platforms for eBook selling, as they allow two types of reselling rights. The first one being the general resell rights.

You can buy a book, finish reading it and sell it off at platforms such as eBay and Amazon. You will be monitored however because the resell rights is directly tied to the original price. So you cannot be asking for ten times the amount that you bought the eBook at. Of course, you practically can do it, there will just be a high possibility that you will not be making a sale.

Reselling eBooks is not only important because you are done reading it, but other factors too. Maybe you did not like the read and stopped after a certain point, or maybe you want to give it to someone you know personally and also want to make some easy money. Resell rights lets you do all that with great ease and convenience.

  • Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights is a term that refers to the license through which authors can sell their eBooks or their original intellectual property rights. Basically, the author will be able to rebrand and edit the content in their own way to sell it again. Modifications of this type can be beneficial to authors, as long as it is permitted of course.

eBook Junkie has faced some issues in the past, but this is more fault of the business culture regarding eBooks than their own. Moreover, their website does not make things as clear as they should. Private Label Rights are implemented by eBook Junkie properly after proper  

The original creator will still be able to make money out of these sales, and that is the main goal behind PLR licenses. eBook Junkie provides this service if the creator wants it to be included in their eBook. 

  • Letting Authors Advertise

Authors are able to advertise their eBooks once they have agreed to Premium memberships with eBook Junkie. In today’s time, it is rather difficult for new authors to get their writings across people. Therefore, it also ends up being difficult for a lot of writers to make any money at all from eBook Junkie.

A new eBook written by an author will be able to earn traction if the author is able to contact the platform and meet the requirements. Usually, this might include some payments regarding advertisement but in the end it will benefit the author greatly. There is a featured eBooks section at eBook Junkie’s website, that will display eBooks that are most widely popular across the platform.

Finally, everything here is fair game as authors can advertise their eBooks without any shadiness involved. It is all legal and falls under proper consumer rights. According to the platform’s About section, eBook Junkie is legally permitted to do all of what it does. 

Ebook Junkie Review Summary:


  • You will get an excellent catalog of books to buy from 
  • You can sell books that you have finished or do not like
  • Premium membership gives you a lot of advantages
  • Authors can advertise their eBooks as they want
  • Private Label Rights are made valid for eBooks legally


  • The website is not very optimized and has a lot of issues
  • The community does not seem to be very active in 2021
  • The business practices are explained rather simplistically
  • Names of founders or those in charge are not available

Ebook Junkie Review FAQs:

How legitimate is eBook Junkie?

eBook Junkie is a registered platform in the United States. They have a business license that lets them operate how they want because they fall under the fair use and consumer’s actions rights. Moreover, there are a lot of platforms of this sort which makes it easier for eBook Junkie to operate properly.

Is a Premium Membership worth it?

If you are an avid reader, then you probably have a hard time finding hard copies of the books you want easily today. There are a lot of reasons for this happening, and the ongoing pandemic is just one of them. It causes shipping and manufacturing of books to slow down in terms of rate. Moreover, hard copies are just not as popular amongst readers as they once were due to the price tags on them.

This is why eBook Junkie’s premium membership is a great deal for you. Not only do you get access to a plethora of eBooks on all kinds of genres, but you will also get resell rights. This means that you can sell your eBook to another user if you are not feeling too positive on keeping it. You can also sell it to a friend if you want to. It just makes your financial situation more flexible in terms of eBooks.

There are other benefits besides this, such as being able to author your own books and sell them on this platform. If you are an aspiring writer, it would be great for you to get your name across the readers. Moreover, you can also use the Private Label Rights to manipulate your books accordingly and modify the content, before you resell them.

Premium memberships are offered at $39.99 and is a onetime fee only, meaning this is not a subscription model.  

What are Private Label Rights 

Internet marketing uses the term “private label rights” to refer to the license where the author is able to sell most or all of their intellectual property rights to their original creation. This license is defined by the author of the creation, and there is no actual legal definition. Private label rights lets you take a writer’s original creation and modify it and resell it but still be able to give commissions to the original writer.

Master Resell Rights vs Resell Rights

Resell rights are common today, and what it means is the rights for a user to sell a product, eBooks, in this case, to someone else. eBook Junkie lets you sell whatever eBooks you want to at reasonable prices, given that they were bought from the platform in the first place.

Master Resell Rights lets you buy eBooks in mass from the platform, and resell them through other means. This also means that you can start a small entrepreneurship from eBook Junkie using this method.

How useful is eBook Junkie for authors?

Aspiring authors who are trying to get their books out there, can use eBook Junkie to promote and sell their eBooks. It is rather difficult today for new authors to get into the selling properly. So eBook gives authors a proper commission if they are willing to put their eBooks up for sale on eBook Junkie.

How can I get in touch with customer care?

Right as of now, you have the option to send e-mails to customer care and they will get back to you at their convenience. There is also a Contact Us section in the website that lets you get in touch with customer care using your name, e-mail, subject and the message that you have for them.

Final Words

eBook Junkie is an excellent platform for selling and buying eBooks in theory. However, their policies need more clarity from how they are written up on the website. Moreover, in today’s time, their website is simply not optimized enough for general users. Users who will be willing to spend money on eBooks will be able to find other websites that allow them to have this facility with less hassle. So get into eBook Junkie at your own risk. 

We hope our article has been able to help you get a better understanding of eBook Junkie as a whole.

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