Crowdtap Review

Crowdtap Review

Many of us look for side hustles aside our actual jobs today. Let’s face it, it’s not too easy to get by in 2021 for those who do not have much professional experience. The main concern for most people with this, is the legitimacy of it. So let’s talk about one such platform – Crowdtap. What is Crowdtap? How can you make some easy money from Crowdtap? Is Crowdtap worth it? Let us answer these questions in our Crowdtap review today.

Crowdtap review: About Crowdtap

Crowdtap Review

Crowdtap is an online platform founded in 2009 that rewards you for taking part in a variety of tasks. These tasks, also known as “missions”, can include and not be only limited to answering polls, taking surveys, reviewing products, taking part in discussions, submitting photos or text, and signing up for offers. Crowdtap has worked with some very renowned brands such as eBay, Sony and Verizon.

There are multiple ways for users to earn points which they can use later. Crowdtap also lets you take part in a program where you get bonus points for referrals. Do not worry, we will be exploring all of these features in detail shortly. For now, just be aware that Crowdtap is a reputable company with legitimate policies. 

Crowdtap review: Top Features

Free Sign Up 

You can sign up without any restrictions as long as you are in the United States. Registration is only possible using your Facebook account or your email at this point in time. However, it seems that Crowdtap will be adding more options in the near future. Right now, no other countries are allowed in Crowdtap’s range, as there are some payment issues involved. 

The other pieces of information that you will have to provide Crowdtap with include your city, state, ZIP code, gender and birth date. Once your phone number has been verified too, you will be redirected to what is the dashboard in the home screen. This is your point collection can start off, so let us get into the main meat of our article. 

Selecting your Mission/Tasks

Crowdtap partners up with companies and organizations that require data of different sorts and this is their main business policy. You can start your point collection by answering survey questions in the dashboard. It is easy to earn points, although might be a long and tedious process. 

It might seem a little overwhelming when one asks what kinds of activities you will be taking part in at Crowdtap. So let us narrow it down to exactly what you will be doing in these sub sections of the missions.

Crowdtap review: Surveys with Questions and Answers

Various organizations and firms have made deals with Crowdtap in order to help them collect data, or opinions of people. These opinions are important to such firms and organizations for various reasons, but that is an entirely different topic. Surveys of this sort usually are quite short and easy to go through and do not need much effort to complete.

Online Discussions

Online discussions can help clear out confusions amongst members about various topics. Topics may or may not include Crowdtap and its activities. Now, you might think that taking part in online discussions cannot be a big deal, but the people at Crowdtap think otherwise. Your interactions with others will be able to help Crowdtap or its partners to get messages more clear across the board.


Product or service reviews are next. If you have at any point used a service or product that Crowdtap is partnered with, you can give a review on it to earn some points. This helps Crowdtap and/or other partners of Crowdtap understand what their customers or clients want more of, and focus less on what is not of value to customers.


You can enroll into various programs under Crowdtap’s partners. This will help the partners make better business as joining their program is another additional member for their cause. Moreover, joining such programs can actually be a win-win situation where Crowdtap will be rewarding you with points, while the program will also be something of your liking. 

Of course, the chances of this might be quite low. However, a possibility is still a possibility right?

Submitting Content

Content is often required by various firms and services to maintain operations. Content might include and not be limited to photographs, text, designs and so on. You will be able to know what kind of content Crowdtap requires for its partners at any point before you can contribute to that. Content submissions earn you a handful amount of points, and are one of the more productive ways to earn points on Crowdtap. 

Sample Product Testing

Testing sample products will earn you reward points and help the product developers understand where there is room for improvement. You will be very involved into this as it will require you to go through quite a bit of effort for the testing. The sample will be sent to you by Crowdtap or be given to you through a coupon to use in stores. 

  • Getting your Rewards

Your rewards are fully dependent on the points that you earn from the missions. After you have hit a thousand points, you can exchange your earning of $5 with Amazon. These rewards can only be redeemed at Amazon’s official website, and independent from the Crowdtap website.

Back in 2018, Crowdtap would automatically redeem the points for a $5 gift card per event of 1000 points. Now, users are given the control of how they want their rewards, including being able to save higher amounts to redeem rewards of much bigger values.

It may be an inconvenience for many that Crowdtap does not reward in terms of instant cash, but in the long run it can be fruitful. With the partnership they have with Amazon, you will be getting very legitimate deals if you have enough points earned in your Crowdtap profile. 

Be wary that the reward point redemption is a technical process and it may take a while depending on the amount of load present on their servers. You will not be scammed by any means, but it might show that your redeem request has not gone through while also showing a balance that exists after the transaction has taken place. 

  • Good rewards for a part time gig

This is an arguable point, but there really is more to it than meets the eye. Crowdtap does not encourage you to make them the primary source of your income. It is only to be there as a side gig or side hustle. If you do not have a stable job, do not depend on Crowdtap to make your ends meet as the amount simply will not be enough.

With that said, if you have some free time across the week even after your job hours have been met, then Crowdtap is a great idea. You can get some amazing gift cards for Amazon using Crowdtap’s services. By completing missions and tasks, the rewards that you will be getting might just be what you need to buy that item you have been meaning to get for a while.

Does not matter if it’s an accessory such as a pair of headphones or something more related to your hobbies such as a guitar. Using Crowdtap, you can get enough gift card credits to get what you need to make your daily life better, away from the constraints of your wallet.

  • Easy for Users

The entire process of completing these missions is made very easy thanks to the streamlined interfaces of Crowdtap. You can set up your account on the platform very easily in less than just one minute, and that’s all the legitimacy you need to start collecting points.

The simplicity of these processes is a big reason what makes Crowdtap as good as it is today. There are skeptics who believe that Crowdtap’s paying requirements are not enough, and to an extent they may have a point. All in all however, Crowdtap’s system makes it beneficial for only those who are willing to invest the time into them.

It should be noted that Crowdtap should not be thought of as a “get rich quick” platform. You cannot make enough tokens for gift cards that will be satisfactory through Crowdtap as this is meant to be just a side job with your main job. 

  • Legitimate and Reliable

Crowdtap is mainly a marketing research company. They are indeed not a scam, but we understand if you do not want to believe everything you read on the internet. So how legit is this company in reality? It is understandable to consider the whole policy shady in the economy that we live in today.

Crowdtap has been able to earn a very positive reputation for what it is over the years. They are legitimate and their services are fair. However, you cannot rely on them to overall change your financial position. Moreover, you should really look for other options like this before investing too much into this.

There are a fair amount of complaints against Crowdtap, but most of them are more due to their strict rules and regulations, and less about their policies or them being a scam. You can give them a try or two with fair reliability, if you have some free time to spare. But as we mentioned already, it is not wise to think of them as your main source of finance.

Crowdtap review: Review Summary


  • Has a significant amount of users that lets you know they’re reliable
  • Let’s you get rewards rather easily from doing simple tasks
  • Helpful for other organizations that require services like these
  • Simple to use and convenient interface makes it open for all
  • Free registration and sign up as long as you are in USA


  • Question errors might show up in a survey every now and then
  • Accounts might end up being suspended without any good reason
  • Customer service is very poor so you might get stuck sometimes

Crowdtap review FAQs:

  1. Is it hard to get rewards on Crowdtap?

No, not with the way the user interface is designed. Crowdtap’s easy to use interface lets you set up a new account very fast, almost in less than a minute and voila, you can start earning points. Earning points is not really difficult, but it can get tedious rather fast. So you will need some patience if you are trying to get any big rewards.

  1. How is Crowdtap different from other websites?

The main difference between Crowdtap and other platforms like it, is that they let you test sample products. Samples will be sent to you via email and you will be able to earn points as soon as you share your valued opinions on the product. 

  1. How much does Crowdtap pay?

Crowdtap will reward you in varying amounts of points, and you will be eligible for a $5 gift card once you have accumulated $500. Your gift card will be sent to you through inbox in 24 hours once everything has been validated properly. 

  1. Is Crowdtap really safe?

Crowdtap is safe and definitely not a scam, but you cannot rely on it to take charge of your financial situation. You can get banned for a plethora of reasons at any time and during this time, if it is a temporary ban, you will not be able to take part in opportunities. Since people are able to earn these small rewards as a side hustle, usually you don’t see complaints against something like this. 

Final Words

Crowdtap is a reliable website that lets you take part in various activities in order to reward you with gift cards for redeeming from Amazon. They are safe and secure, keeping your data secure. It is not safe to rely on them fully for your financial situation. Invest time into Crowdtap if you have a different main source of income, and just want to get some extra rewards on the side. 

We hope this article has been able to answer your questions and queries regarding Crowdtap.

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