Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta: A Comprehensive Comparison

Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta: A Comprehensive Comparison

How awesome is it to get free cash backs on your daily purchases and all you need to do is upload your purchase receipts? You have probably heard of rebate apps or seen them in advertisements, right? For those of you, who do not know about rebate apps, we will explain it to you. In our article Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta these two popular apps will be compared. Read our article to know more about these apps!

Well, rebate apps are apps that provide rebates on your daily purchases. That is, it helps you save money on your purchases such as daily groceries and various other types of purchases. You also can get coupons or cashback on those purchases. Today we will be reviewing two such rebate apps.

Even though there are many rebate apps, we will be highlighting two apps that have gained wide popularity among customers and check out their similarities and dissimilarities. The two apps are Checkout 51 and Ibotta. Read below to know more about the two apps.

Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta: About Platform

Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta: A Comprehensive Comparison

The first platform we will be discussing is Checkout 51. Checkout 51 is a free cashback app that helps customers to save money on grocery purchases, gas purchases, and even online shopping. The app is free and easy to use. In our article Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta these two popular apps will be compared. Read our article to know more about these apps!

The app has joined hands with many brands to provide offers to customers on several personal and household products. Users can avail of the offers by browsing the app. The app uploads several offers that are constantly changing per week. Users can get the offers by uploading the receipt’s photo. When the app verifies the receipts, users can earn cashback. 

The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Ontario. Since then, Checkout 51 has over one million registered users. Till now it has paid over 30 million in rewards. The reason for such an overwhelming response is because users find Checkout 51 reliable and easy.

The second platform we will be highlighting is Ibotta. Like Checkout 51, Ibotta is another money-saving app that provides cashback and coupons to customers on groceries and various non-grocery purchases.

The platform has joined hands with 300+ retail chains and other service stores. It can be accessed by android and iOS devices and through the computer as well. Ibotta helps users save money on non-grocery purchases such as purchases in liquor stores, restaurants, movie theaters, pet shops, etc. 

Users can search from a range of offers available at the nearest retailers. To avail of those offers, users are required to perform certain tasks, purchase products, and provide proof of purchase.

Ibotta also has a browser extension which makes it easier for the user to find cashback offers in extension when searching retailer websites. The company was founded by Bryan Leach in 2012 and is based in Colorado.

Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta: Common Features

Both Checkout 51 and Ibotta are popular cashback apps that have a good number of similarities. They are described below: 

  • Functionality

Both Checkout 51 and Ibotta function in a similar process. To get cash back or coupons, users need to view the offers that the two websites have on specific products. After that, users need to buy the same products (same product, type, and size) from their retail partners.

After purchasing, users are required to take a photo of their receipts and send them to the app. After confirming the purchases, the platform will send the users their cashback or coupons. However, users, in both brands need to be aware that they are buying the exact products on which the offers are tagged to. Buying anything other than will not be counted. 

  • Purpose

Both the platforms aim to provide cashback offers or coupons for shopping. The purpose of the platforms is to reward users for shopping which encourages the customers to shop for more products. Furthermore, it also provides a platform for retailers to advertise their products and make their offers known to a large number of people.

This also drives people to engage in more shopping. Since their inception, both the apps have gained a good number of users, which makes the platforms the right place to fulfill such a purpose. 

  • Accessibility

Users of Checkout 51 and Ibotta can access their platforms through their smartphones and computers. Both the platforms have an android and iOS app for their users. Users can access those apps by downloading them from the Google Play and Apple store.

Furthermore, both platforms have a dedicated website for users. Both platforms have provided customers with accessibility so that users can view their savings threshold and browse offers from anywhere and at any time.

  • Cash-Out Threshold 

 Both platforms offer cashback to their users on shopping. When the amount of cashback reaches 20 dollars, users can cash out their earnings. Even though the cash-out threshold is the same, the method of payment varies between the two platforms. 

  • Renewing and Expiring Offers

Offers in both the platforms are constantly renewed and old ones get expired. The duration of the offers is not long. Users cannot wait for too long or else offers to expire. Users get a limited time to upload receipts. However, the positive side to it is, users are given regular cashback and they can also more new offers on the platforms. Users need to check out the platforms constantly and not be late with the receipts to get cashback more effectively. 

Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta: Distinct Features

Even though both the platforms share a common purpose and have quite similar features, the dissimilarities between the two platforms are hard to ignore. Both platforms have distinct features that serve as advantages and disadvantages for the platforms. The distinct features of the Checkout 51 and Ibotta are given below: 

  • Interface and Layout

When using an app, Interface and layout are the two important things that influence users in accessing the app more and more. The layout of an app is the first thing that users will notice when they enter the app. 

Checkout 51 has a simple layout. It shows rebate offers on the opening screen. It is sought by category and users can also filter offers by store. The bottom part has a button, clicking on which will let you upload your receipts. Furthermore, you can also bookmark your favorite offers which you can view later.   

Ibotta has a complex layout than Checkout 51. It has many options on the lower part of the screen where users can look for offers, see featured offers, upload their receipts, view previously seen rebates, and view details of their accounts. Also, users can filter offers by store and category. 

  • Rebate Offers

Both Checkout 51 and Ibotta provide users various offers from several stores. However, the pattern of these offers varies between the two platforms. 

Ibotta has over 300+ retail stores which provide rebates to their users. Users can avail of these offers simply by shopping and uploading their receipts. 

However, Checkout 51 is not limited to just a few stores. Users can buy from any store and upload the receipts to access the provided offers. The products bought have to be the same products and the same brands as specified in the rebate. 

  • Limited Deal Supply

Even though users of Checkout 51 can buy from any stores they want, their number of deals is limited to a certain number of people. Once these offers are availed by a certain number of people, Checkout 51 will take off the offers from the app. To shop via Checkout 51, users need to be aware of the number of existing offers. Users can also use the same rebate multiple times if they are quick. 

On the contrary, Ibotta does not provide any such restriction. The deals can be provided by any number of people. 

  • Offline Vs Online Buying

Checkout 51 allows users to secure offers from online stores whereas Ibotta only allows users to shop from physical stores. To earn savings in Checkout 51 through online shopping, users just have to use the packing slip of the product.

  • Bonus Reward Systems

Checkout 51 and Ibotta have different bonus reward systems. In the case of Checkout 51, the platform only provides rebate offers whereas Ibotta provides many bonus reward systems. Ibotta allows you to make a team with your friends and earn coupons.

Also, you can solve challenges to get more bonuses. For example, the app might ask you to use five rebates a week in exchange for a 10-dollar bonus. The more you use the app, the more challenges you get and the more bonus you can earn. Furthermore, you can also earn bonuses by recommending Ibotta to your friends.

  • Cash-out System

The cash-out system in Checkout 51 is slightly different than Ibotta. Both apps allow users to cash out after twenty dollars of savings. Users of Checkout 51 are paid by cheques which they can obtain from their mail. Users can cash out the money from physical banks or ATMs.

On the other hand, Ibotta users can cash out through Venmo, PayPal, or a gift card. Ibotta users can obtain cash more flexibly and quickly. 

Checkout 51 vs. Ibotta Summary: Which is Better?

Both Checkout 51 and Ibotta have exclusive features that are the reason for their increasing fanbase since their inception. However, the two platforms also have certain limitations in specific areas. However, to decide the more preferable app among the two, we need to see which platform outnumbers the other in features. 

Checkout 51 has an interesting, easy, and simple-to-use layout. Users can easily understand and use the app at their first glance. However, Ibotta has a complex layout. But constantly using the platform shall help users to get accustomed to the layout.

A disadvantage of Checkout 51 is allowing only a limited number of deals. On the contrary, Ibotta offers deals that can be accessed by any number of users. In the case of shopping, Ibotta lags as it is only available for physical stores whereas Checkout 51 is available in offline and online stores.

Ibotta precedes Checkout 51 in the number of bonus rewards and also in handing cash outs digitally. Checkout 51 users get only cashback and are paid in banks. 

Summing it all up, we think Ibotta is ahead of Checkout 15 in several features and recommend using Ibotta for rebates on your daily shopping. However, if Ibotta improves some of its features, it can precede other such apps in the market. Also, you can use both of the apps if you wish to. 


Do I have to pay to download the Ibotta app?

The Ibotta app is free and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. After downloading, create an account, select your favorite stores and you will start receiving recommendations

Does Ibotta take forever to give you money?

Some of the offers have long pending periods. However, most of the offers provide you credit within 24 hours. For example, when you are going to Walmart, simply add offers on your list, shop, and scan the QR code on the bottom of the receipts. You will get the credit along with a notification.

How to cash out in Checkout 51?

Once you have reached 20 dollars, you can cash out. For that, you can follow two methods. You can either cash out from the account page or click on the cash-out link in your email once the receipt has been approved.

How long does it take for receipts to be approved in Checkout 51?

To get your receipt approved fast, send the receipt photo which should include the date, store name/logo, total amount, and all claiming items. 

Final Words

Both of the platforms provide you with rebates while you shop. Even though they have distinct features, users can use both apps to shop. View offers that match the products, shop, and receive cash back on them by uploading the receipts. Shopping has never been this fun. And if you are worried about which one is better, you can choose both of them and receive rebates. Happy Shopping!

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