Best Portable Monitor for MacBook Pro

best portable monitor for macbook pro

MacBooks are great machines but their limited screen real estate can feel a little restricting at times. People like to use extra displays with their MacBooks in order to get the most out of them. With that display, they can get a browser running or excel or spreadsheet. It can boost up their work significantly.

Extra monitors are great but not great for people who are on the go all of the time. So, we decided to gather some of the best portable monitors for the MacBook Pro.

Best Portable Monitor for MacBook Pro in 2021




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Asus ZenScreen 15”

Asus ZenScreen 15”

Supports USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3

IPS LCD display

60 Hz refresh rate

Lenovo ThinkVision M14

Lenovo ThinkVision M14

USB Type-C support

Tilt Adjustable

IPS LED display

14-inch display

AUZAI 15.6” Portable Monitor

AUZAI 15.6” Portable Monitor

USB Type-C support

IPS LCD screen

Built-In Dual Speakers

best portable monitor for macbook pro

Lepow 15.6” Portable Monitor

IPS LCD display

USB Type-C connectivity

Dual In-Built Speakers

best portable monitor for macbook pro

AOC 1601FWUX 15.6”

Low Blue Light mode

IPS Screen

USB C connection

best portable monitor for macbook pro

ViewSonic 15.6” Portable Monitor

USB 3.1 Type-C connection

Height adjustable stand

FHD IPS display

best portable monitor for macbook pro

NEWSOUL 15.6” Portable Monitor

Thunderbolt connectivity support

FHD display

IPS LCD Screen technology

Built-in speakers

1. Asus ZenScreen 15”

Asus ZenScreen 15”

Asus is famous for its computers, computer accessories, computer components, and etc. Leading up with their reputation, they have outdone themselves in the portable display category as well. The ZenScreen is a popular lineup of high-quality displays which are meant for casual to professional use.

The ZenScreen 15” has a Full HD or 1920x1080 resolution display in a 15.6-inch size. This is a very good spot in terms of pixel density ratio. Pictures and videos will look clear and amazing.

The panel they’re using is an IPS screen. For this reason, the screen has a fast response rate, wider viewing angles, good color accuracy, and contrast than other panels like VA or TN. They also feature a USB Type-C connection technology which is a lifesaver for MacBook users as they won’t have to carry around a dongle for using them.

With packing in all of those features, they also manage to keep the form factor of the screen quite small and slim. They weigh less and are very portable indeed.


  • Smart Cover makes it easy to make the display stand up on a flat surface
  • Asus eye care technology minimizes blue lights and flicker-free helps reduce eye fatigue
  • Compatible on multiple platforms like macOS, Windows, Linux, and others


  • The display seems to be quite fragile and needs to be used with care

2. Lenovo ThinkVision M14

Lenovo ThinkVision M14

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14 is an amazing portable display. In many terms, the ThinkVision outdoes the one which is in the number 1 position. They are equally as good and we think you’ll be happy choosing either one of them. Lenovo is quite a reputed brand also and their portable displays hold up to their reputation as well.

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14 features a 14-inch display with an IPS LED display. The LED display especially makes ThinkVision unique from the rest. Because of this display technology, it takes in less power, emits less heat, has better brightness and contrast than LCD displays.

And with that, it is also an IPS panel which makes the response rate much faster and gives the monitor a wider range of view. Other than having an amazing display, it also features USB Type-C connectivity which is great for MacBook users. It is a Full HD or 1920x1080 resolution panel in a 14-inch display and so it has better pixel density than 15.6-inch monitors.

The ThinkVision has a tilt-adjustable hinge which makes it easier for us to position it to our comfort. It is also quite lightweight and small in form factor.


  • Smaller form factor due to 14-inch screen panel
  • Weighs in around just 1.26 pounds
  • Low Blue Light technology helps reduce hazardous blue light emissions.


  • Limited Connection options

3. AUZAI 15.6” Portable Monitor

AUZAI 15.6” Portable Monitor

The AUZAI 15.6” is a great option for people who are trying to get their hands on a portable monitor without breaking their bank. With all the other products in the lineup, they are all good products and all but they do cost quite a bit.

The AUZAI however provides you with a great feature set coming in at a low price. So for those who just want something that works great, this will be the perfect option for you.

The AUZAI 15.6” Portable Monitor has a 15.6-inch IPS LCD display. So, you know that it will have pretty good colors and contrast. Not only that, but also a wider range of viewing angles, faster response rate, and consistency in color throughout the screen.

They are also Full HD or 1920x1080 displays and are pretty sharp. Their eyecare technology helps reduce blue light emissions and reduces flickering of the monitor to help with fatigue ness of the eye from prolonged uses. They use USB Type-C connectivity which is perfect for people using MacBooks

They are also really portable weighing around 1.37 pounds. They are slim and can be tucked in with your laptop in a bag quite easily.


  • Comes with built-in dual speakers for entertainment or any other purpose.
  • A leather stand and screen-protecting film are included in the package for when you’ll be out and about with the display.
  • Compatible in various platforms
  • It’s lightweight and really thin which makes them quite portable.


  • Not Thunderbolt connection interface
  • Speakers aren’t that great

4. Lepow 15” Portable Monitor

best portable monitor for macbook pro

Lepow 15” offers good value for the price. It has no additional features that you need to worry about and it just works great. This portable monitor is quite a popular display among many people for its simplicity and convenience of use.

It has a 15.6-inch display which is Full HD or 1920x1080 resolution panel and so looks great and not grainy at all. The panel that has been used in this is an IPS LCD display which provides good color and contrast throughout the display.

It also has good viewing angles and a good response rate so it doesn’t feel choppy or feel a latency when you’re interacting with it. It has both USB Type-C connectivity and a mini HDMI port for compatibility with other devices as well. The screen has special eyecare technology which reduces blue light emission to help reduce fatigue ness throughout prolonge uses.

It also has Dual Speakers which are built-in to the display so that you can use that to listen to music or podcast or anything you like.

It is quite portable as well weighing in around 1.76 pounds and has quite the slim build to it. It feels and functions great and is a great option for people who just needs a display that works well and serves its purpose.


  • Small form factor helps in portability
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Monitor control menu with side buttons
  • Comes with a Stand Cover and screen protector
  • Dual speakers for entertainment purposes


  • The contrast of the display isn’t that great

5. AOC 1601FWUX 15.6”

best portable monitor for macbook pro

The AOC is another great option for people who’re looking for portable monitors fewer complications as possible. The AOC portable monitor is a great companion for your MacBook. This second screen is sure to boost your workflow and make you more productive and efficient.

AOC comes with a 15.6-inch display. The display panel is of IPS LCD with FHD or 1920x1080 resolution for sharp and consistent image quality. It provides a wide range of viewing angles and a faster response time for the IPS panel. It also helps in the contrast of the screen than other panels like VA or TN.

The USB Type-C connection is perfect for MacBook users as they won’t have to use a dongle and can connect the display directly to the MacBook. This display promises to lower blue light emission and make it easier for your eyes on prolonged uses.

Other than that, the monitor is also quite slim and portable. It weighs around 1.81 pounds. It also comes with a smart cover that helps protect the display when you’re out and about and can turn into a stand when you use the monitor.


  • Very good feature set for the money
  • Comes with a smart cover to protect your monitor and to also use it as a stand
  • Auto-Pivot technology detects when you rotate the display and changes its orientation


  • Not accurate color gamut

Best Portable Monitor for MacBook Pro - Buying Guide

Now that we’ve shown you some of the best portable monitors in the market right now, if you’re still confused as to which monitor you should get, this little guide will help you choose the one which will be perfect for your needs.

To evaluate what your needs may be, we made sure we categorized possible options which will fluctuate your buying decision. And so, you’ll be able to know exactly what your requirements are for a monitor and choose wisely.

So, without any further delay, let’s get into the options.

Display Size and Form Factor

The first thing you’ll have to look for when going into buying a portable monitor is what size you may need. With the size of the screen, the form factor of the monitor will also depend upon it.

Now if you need something which requires an extra screen and not really a very large screen, then it is better to keep away from displays that are too big in size. You should be good with displays that are 13 or 14-inches should be good enough for you. Anything more than that will probably just take up more space on your bag which won’t be pleasant for you.

But if you’re someone who requires as much screen real estate as possible, going for a bigger display will be a lot beneficial to you. So, you should go with options for 15.6-inches or even 17-inches if you feel the need to. But you do have to keep in mind that the bigger display will also result in a bigger form factor. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice that for more screen size, you should definitely go for it.


The second most important thing you have to look out for is the connection options. Now, as you’ll be using your display or monitor with your MacBook, it is essential to get a display that has a USB Type-C connection option.

The reason for this is, MacBooks only have Type-C ports and apart from that, you won’t be able to connect anything. But you can use a dongle with your MacBook but that will be just an extra accessory to carry around.

So, to make our lives easier and to get the best out of the monitors, you should probably get one that has a Type-C display input.

Resolution and Panel type

Resolution is also an important aspect of your experience with the monitor you will be viewing. As we know, MacBooks have quite a good display built on them. And so, if your portable monitor display looks bad and grainy, you won’t have a good time using it. So, we recommend you choose FHD or 1920x1080 resolution display or at least 720p displays. If you choose something even lower, you won’t have a good time with them.

There are different panel options too like VA, TN, IPS, and others. Among them, IPS are the best option to choose from as they generally have better color and contrast than VA or TN panels.

They’re also quite responsive and provide a wider range of views. Other than these, OLED is also a great choice but they cost way too high. But if you can afford them, they are an excellent choice too.

Best Portable Monitor for MacBook Pro - Conclusion

Portable monitors are a great choice if you can benefit from extra screen real estate. It can be useful in many scenarios like opening an extra window on a spreadsheet or excel, opening a browser to search for things, and many more.

We hope this article helped you in your purchase decision and also made you know what you actually require from them.

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