Best Craiglist Posting Software in 2021

Best Craiglist Posting Software in 2021

As fellow internet explorers, we have all heard about Craiglist at some part in our life. It’s an amazing platform where you can post ads on just about everything. But what some of you don’t know is that the process can take quite some time. Making ads continuously isn’t easy. That’s why you need Craiglist posting software to help you along the way. Here we will talk about the best Craiglist Posting Softwares that will ensure your success in Craiglist.

Top 7 Best Craiglist Posting Sofware in 2021

1. Best Craiglist Posting Software: Crayzilla

Best Craiglist Posting Software in 2021

Whenever we hear about Craiglist posting software, the first thing that comes to our minds is Crayzilla. It is the number one software that is chosen by users around the world. So you might be thinking why should I use it? Well, firstly it’s one of the most popular auto posting software out there. About 1,00,000 ads are being posted regularly using Crayzilla. That number speaks for itself.

The second fascinating aspect is its versatile tools. Crayzilla has taken the autopilot system to the next level. In most cases, you will often forget to renew your posted ads, and therefore, it just lies on the Craiglist website. It doesn’t attract any audiences and turns into waste. But with Crayzilla, you can quickly renew the ad in no time. The whole process is easy. 

Another thing we can’t emphasize enough is the versatility of Crayzilla. You can even post your ads on other platforms similar to Craiglist like eBay and Backpage. The tools of Crayzilla include captcha bypass, content spinning, ad reposting, and a bunch of other stuff. You can even create your account automatically without putting in any effort. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing software now.


  • Automatic account creation
  • Amazing versatility
  • Auto-renewal of ads
  • Easy to use


  • The software has some bug issues.

2. Best Craiglist Posting Software: CLAD Blaster

Best Craiglist Posting Software in 2021

Yet another Craiglist posting software that people can’t get enough of. In only a few years since its inception, the software has earned quite a name for itself, and for good reasons. 

The unbelievable aspect of this software is that you can make posts based on a particular region. So, think of a scenario. Your ad is about a product or a job that is in California. Therefore, your main target audience would be the people living in California. In other best Craigslist posting software, you can’t fix the city or region. So it goes to people of different areas and ultimately loses all its appeal. But in CLAD Blaster, you can create ads for certain cities. You just need to follow some basic steps. 

First, post your ad and try to make it as engaging as you possibly can. Then pick the city you want and enter the start button and voila. It’s done. It wasn’t so tough. Was it?

CLAD Blaster also has a plethora of tools at its disposal. Reposting expired ads, schedule ads, auto-renewal you name it. It’s an impressive software for smartly posting Craiglist ads. 


  • Wide range of tools
  • Smart ad posting process
  • You can select regions and cities
  • Ergonomic process


  • The user interface can be challenging to some

3. Best Craiglist Posting Software: Craigs Adman

Best Craiglist Posting Software in 2021

Simple is better. Do you agree with this statement? For us, definitely. Rather than having a bunch of unnecessary stuff, it's better to be precise. That’s why so many people love to use Craigs Adman.

This Craiglist posting software is easy as a pie. There are no unnecessary features or obscurities to confuse you. The user interface is smooth and easy therefore you can get hold of it in a jiffy. It has all the essential features to get the job done. The software is available in windows so you can use it on your laptop or desktop. 

Craigs adman software has two versions. There is a trial version that can be used for 30 days and there is the paid premium version with additional features. We suggest you try out the free version first and then make up your mind.

So what about the posting? As we’ve said before, everything in this software is easy. You can save a lot of time using it. Simply click on the post ad and it’s done. It’s easily one of the most effective software in the market. 


  • Simple yet effective
  • Easy to post an ad
  • Two different versions
  • 30 Day free trial


  • No extra features

4. Best Craiglist Posting Software: Craiglist Quick Poster

Best Craiglist Posting Software in 2021

Most people have a common misconception that only large companies post ads. They want to attract more and more traffic to their websites and products. That’s why most software cost an arm and a leg. Hardly anyone can buy them. This is happening because most ad posting software is meant for large enterprises. But that’s not true. This is the era of entrepreneurs and small startups. They need something cost-effective to expand their business. 

This is where Craigslist quick poster comes in. The software is completely free to use therefore young entrepreneurs who have small revenue can post ads without any worry. The user interface is amazing. There are no unnecessary scribbles or popups. You can find everything under one roof. It’s a must to have it by your side if you want to build an efficient workplace. The ads take hardly any time to post and the performance is overall flawless. 

All you need is a single click and your ad will be displayed in millions of people's browsers. That’s the magic of the Craiglist Quick poster. The only bummer is that the software currently doesn’t have a premium version. Therefore, it isn’t quite trending with the other best Craiglist posting Software. Nevertheless, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. 


  • Free to use
  • Smooth user interface
  • Great for small business and enterprises
  • Fast response time


  • No update in several years

Customizing your ad seems like a far-fetched dream to us nowadays. Most software doesn’t allow editing or deleting an ad after you’ve posted it. There aren’t any reverse processes. So, you are stuck with your ad and there’s no way to get out. 

This doesn't happen when you use the CL auto-posting tool. The software has several add ons and tools to customize your Craiglist ad anytime you want. Therefore, if you think your ad is not going to cut it, just delete it and make a much more appealing one. You can also edit it while it’s posted to increase the traffic. 

This is much more advanced than the other best Craiglist posting software. There is software out there in the market that is outright scams. When you click on their links, you will be directed to a phishing site and all your personal data will be hacked by them.

This is happening way too frequently and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. But the CL auto-posting tool is not like the other software. It’s 100% legit and there’s no chance of any hacking or breaching. So you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

The features of this software are endless. You can clean your caches, rotate your proxy IP or renew your IP anything you want. You won’t have to go to any other website or software. All are under one roof. The software also has a campaign management, captcha bypassing process. You can also post multiple ads at the same time in different categories. The CL auto-posting tool is a rare gem that can boost your advertising game to the next level.


  • Access to customizing and deleting adds
  • You can post multiple ads at the same time
  • Secured Platform


  • Not that user friendly

This next software in our list of best Craiglist Posting software has changed the perception of ad posting. Till now, we have thought that ad posting is an arduous task with a lot of complexities. You need to go to a different website and pay a bunch of money to get it done. But ESC AdPoster is completely different.

It only takes seconds to create an ad in the ESC AdPoster. So how do you do it? First, you need to insert the text. Make it as engaging as possible and don’t choose obscure fonts. Choose clear fonts that attract people.

After that, create a good structure and provide all the necessary information about your company or product. After finalizing, post it. It’s as easy as that. You can just sit back and grab a cold one and see the job gets done. Millions of people will click on your ad in no time.

The software is extremely versatile. It has a wide variety of tools for multiple functions. It’s not just intended for Craiglist. You can post your ads on other eCommerce platforms too.

Therefore, your business will start booming and you will get the attention you always deserved. The software has a very low price and most importantly very beginner-friendly. From business tycoons to young entrepreneurs, anyone can try it out.


  • Low price
  • User friendly
  • You can post on different platforms at the same time
  • Great entry-level software


  • Users have faced issues while posting ads sometimes

This is a brilliant Craiglist posting software that hardly gets any attention. It is one of the most advanced software out there. You can multi-function effectively with it. The software helps you create multiple ads at the same time. The icing on the cake is that you can post it on different platforms too. Sounds too good to be true. Doesn’t it?

The software has two versions called lite and pro. For newbies, we suggest trying out the lite version and for experts, it's best to go for the pro.

You can directly send alerts to your customer's emails so that they don’t miss anything. You can also auto reschedule and edit the content of the ad at any time. 

The most fun part about it is that it only takes a few seconds to create an account. Therefore you can start advertising right away.


  • Quite versatile
  • Aesthetic user interface
  • Good for beginners and experts
  • Notification system to alert the customers


  • You need to get the premium version to access all features

How To Choose The Best

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before choosing the best Craiglist posting software. 

Selecting The Niche

Before choosing your ad posting software, get a rudimentary idea about your niche. If the software fits in the description then choose it right away. A Craiglist posting software that is more focused on your particular niche will increase the chances of getting more views.

Autopilot System

Check how functional the autopilot system is. Some software has an autopilot system but doesn’t work properly. Therefore select a Craiglist posting software that functions smoothly.


This is perhaps the most important aspect. Always look for software that saves your time. There is a bunch of software that lets you create multiple ads at the same time. 


A factor that you all were searching for since the beginning. No matter how wonderful the software is, if the price is outrageous you can’t buy it. Therefore make sure to look for software in your budget range.

Final Thoughts

Posting ads was so tough back in the day. You had to spend hours on end just to find the right place to post your Craiglist ad. But not anymore. Now with the best Craiglist posting software, you can post ads at any moment you want. It has opened new doors for the advertising industry.

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